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The shentongroup blog section of the website houses technical articles, legislation changes, funding opportunities, useful industry updates, latest shentongroup news and common FAQ’s. Please browse by category for the information you are looking for.



What is CHP?

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the simultaneous production of heat and electricity from a single fuel source, usually at the point of use.

With a CHP system a fuel (usually natural gas) is used to drive a reciprocating engine, delivering electricity from the alternator. At the same time the heat produced by the engine working, is captured from various sources (for example from the exhaust system and engine cooling circuits) to produce hot water. On some models heat is also recovered from the alternator and engine oil, further increasing efficiency.
Typically a CHP will produce up to twice the amount of heat energy as the electricity it generates. Read more »

Tues, April 22, 2014 – Strategic Project Manager

Tues, April 22, 2014 – Strategic Project Manager

I would like to thank Roland and Roy for their continued help with this project and the engineers who have visited for the duct fitting and commissioning…
…I realise it has been a very intensive project in terms of overall value versus the amount of communications required – (my email records stretch to over 600 on this one!) – so I really appreciate all the help.

Bournemouth Care Show Success!

“Our first exhibition of the year; Bournemouth Care show was a great Success”

The event took place 26-27 March at the BIC, Bournemouth. The show is dedicated to providing education, products and services for those running organisations responsible for the care of older or disabled people. 
Read more »

Structuring a successful emergency response team

Regardless of how robust your disaster recovery plan is, the success of its implementation will depend on the team that is responsible for it.

Structure your team by ensuring your selected member’s skills match the areas of responsibility. Below is a list of the key team members required and what they should be responsible for. In every case, there should be a primary and secondary member, both of whom will need to be equally briefed. Read more »

Bournemouth Care Show 2014

Shentongroup will be taking Power Call to the Bournemouth Care Show at the BIC on the 26th & 27th March 2014!

See below for the address.

Come and see us at stand W210 in the Windsor Hall; which is on the right-hand side as you come through from the Solent Hall. Here we will have a life size example of the connection panels so you can see exactly what Power Call involves, as well as lots of info about Power Call. Les Chapman (Sales & Technical Support) and Phil Chilton (Business Develpoment) will be on the stand to answer any questions you may have, and are offering a chance to sign up to a Power Call contract on the day. Read more »

Why Is disaster recovery planning so Important?

According to AXA Insurance, 80% of businesses affected by a major incident, either never re-open, or close within 18 months.

Having a robust disaster recovery and business continuity plan, minimises this impact on the business and ultimately, the customer. Therefore, not only is disaster recovery planning important for you, it is important for your customers. Read more »

Power terminology glossary

There are many terms that we come across every day in the power industry. Some are acronyms and others are industry terms. For the obvious to the ambiguous here are our thoughts.

This will be a post that we’ll update every time we think of any others. And if there is anything you’d like us to add just get in touch… Read more »

What is G59?

G59 Embedded Generator Regulations

G59 is the regulation surrounding the connection of any form of generator device to run ‘in parallel’ or ‘synchronised’ with the mains electrical utility grid (National Grid).  The regulation has its roots in Ofgem rules, and is administered as the Energy Networks Association Engineering Recommendation G59/2-1 “Recommendations for the connection of generating plant to the Distribution System of Licensed Distribution Network Operators – Amendment 1”.

This is relevant for all power generation, including combined heat and power units as well as generators being used for peak-lopping, or grid parallel use, greater than 16A per phase.  For anything below this the Engineering recommendation G83/1-1 applies. Read more »

4 common misconceptions on G59 regulations

In years of doing projects with G59 protection shentongroup have often come across some popular myths, so we seek to dispel them here:-

I don’t need G59 Protection unless I intend to export power to the grid”.

Wrong.  If you have any form of generator where the output is connected to the electrical systems in your building, and thus to the grid, you must protect it with a G59 relay device.

Read more »

shentongroup’s Engineers pass Deep Sea Training

Dedicated to staying the leaders in the maintenance of Standby Power, we have recently submitted our entire team of nationwide service engineers to the latest Deep Sea Electronics training program; an industry leading generator control module. Each of our engineers attended and passed this course. Read more »

UPS Service Contract Offering – new range and packages

2 FXAt shentongroup we have recently repackaged all UPS maintenance contracts to bring them in line with our generator maintenance contracts.  This makes it much easier for you to select the correct level of cover for all your critical power systems.

We are pleased to offer 5 levels of UPS maintenance contract, ranging from a simple one off annual maintenance visit, to fully comprehensive 24/7/365 emergency cover.  Read more »

New CHP service engineer

Due to the continued rapid rise in CHP sales, the Power Care service team at shentongroup have invested in a further CHP service engineer.  With CHP service contracts flooding in currently, further growth in this department is expected in the coming months as more and more companies realise the benefit of coming to shentongroup for their maintenance needs.  The latest recruit is situated in the Bath area and covers the West of the country.

Constructionline Accreditation

shentongroup are pleased to announce the award of industry leading accreditation, Constructionline.  Following in depth analysis into the business systems and principles, Constructionline felt satisfied to award shentongroup the coveted accreditation.  Jody Meek, Managing Director, felt “it was a further reward to our excellent team who are putting all they’ve got ino the company to continue to improve upon the quality of our service, systems and product”.  This accreditation now compliments ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Achilles, SAFEcontractor and Chas.