The History of shentongroup

Start History

shentongroup is a family-owned Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), our expertise stretches back three decades.

Established in 1982, we started by selling diesel generators, our reputation and experience has shaped the business to it’s current format. We are now considered the UK’s leading technical experts in standby power, uninterruptible power supplies and combined heat & power systems.

By 1987 our name – Scorpion Power Systems – was already a byword for outstanding quality standby and prime power generation. In 1989 we signed our first contract with the Ministry of Defence: to supply the British Army for the Gulf conflict.

The need to provide generator maintenance was growing. It didn’t seem right to sell a generator and walk away – we wanted to be sure our customers would remain in safe, capable hands. We began to establish a wider network of support engineers and offer generator maintenance contracts and UPS support. By 1997 the maintenance and support side of the business was in huge demand too.

So, that year we established Merlin Power Management and a nationwide network of power supply engineers offering 24/7 emergency response and service.

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In 2003 we acquired a national HV and LV switchgear company – broadening our power failure management capability and offering our customers a more complete service.

In 2004 we launched Power Call – the UK’s first and only emergency generator call-out system. Now even small sites without the space or need for a permanent generator could have emergency power within the hour.

For some years we’d been looking for a suitable sustainable energy solution to get involved with, ideally combined heat and power. CHP’s reputation for reliable, constant power generation married perfectly with our entire ethos of providing clients with peace of mind as well as power. In 2008 we launched powertherm CHP systems onto the UK market. We’re now the sole authorised distributor for TEDOM, the leading European CHP system manufacturer.

Following further acquisitions in 2008 and 2009, in 2010 we merged Scorpion Power Systems, Merlin Power Management and Power Call to become Shenton Global LLP, trading as shentongroup. Already our customers have seen the boost in customer service and ease of communication.

We’re continuing to grow, to innovate, to deliver on our promises. We’re living up to our reputation as the UK’s leading technical experts in standby power, uninterruptible power supplies and combined heat and power systems.