The History of Shenton Group

Outback Energy Established

October 20, 1982

Outback Energy Established

Richard Meek (Founder) started out as a man in his van supplying gas bottles.

Scorpion Power Systems

October 21, 1987

Scorpion Power Systems

Scorpion Power Systems was established by building quality generators and providing UPS systems.

Working with the MOD

October 21, 1989

Working with the MOD

We signed our first contract with the Ministry of Defence: to supply the British Army during the Gulf conflict.

Merlin Power Management

October 21, 1997

Merlin Power Management

Merlin Power Management was established to meet the maintenance and support demand. This provided a nationwide network of power supply engineers providing 24/7 emergency response and service.

Broadening our Capabilities

October 21, 2003

We acquired a national HV and LV switchgear company broadening our power failure management capability and offering our customers a 
complete service.

Power Call Launched

October 21, 2004

Power Call was established becoming the UK’s first and only emergency generator call-out system – providing power within the hour wherever you are in the UK.

CHP Department Launched

October 21, 2008

We launched our CHP systems offering into the UK market. We’re now the sole authorised distributor for TEDOM, the leading European CHP system manufacturer.

Shenton Group

October 21, 2010

Shenton Group

With the country in recession, our customers were required to reduce their supply chain. This lead us to merge Scorpion Power Systems, Merlin Power Management and Power Call to become Shenton Global LLP, trading as Shenton Group.

From LLP to LTD

February 10, 2017

From LLP to LTD

After rapid growth, we changed our trading status to LTD still trading as Shenton Group.

Present Day

March 10, 2020

Today we have the reputation of being the UK’s leading technical experts in standby power, uninterruptible power supplies and combined heat and power systems. And we are continuing to make history…

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