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Maintenance & Monitoring

National engineer coverage | Support 24/7/365 | State-of-the-art monitoring equipment | Generator, UPS and CHP

Maintenance and emergency call-out contracts are critical to the ongoing operation of your power products.

Shenton Group is equipped to look after any make and model of Generator, UPS and CHP. We offer bespoke contracts:

  • Fixed-cost contracts that use a more all-inclusive approach
  • Lower-cost contracts where extras are chargeable

Whatever your standard and budget, we have a solution to suit.

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Maintenance and Monitoring

Is Your Power System Reliable?

Shenton Group provide detailed health checks for generators, UPSs and CHPs that have failed to be maintained regularly to determine the condition of the asset. This option can often be a lot more cost-effective to get your system back to a reliable state.


Maintenance Contracts CHP
Maintenance contracts CHP
Maintenance Contracts Generators

Maintenance Contracts Generators

Maintenance Contracts UPS

Maintenance Contracts UPS

Remote Monitoring

The real benefit is that we can predict and rectify issues before they occur keeping your power up and running with minimal distribution. Receive SMS or email alerts, start or stop your generator or CHP remotely and more!


Upgrades & Remedials

Shenton Group offers full renovation, remedial and upgrade works ranging from canopy changes to new batteries. It may be that your generator requires a new bunded fuel tank and upgraded double skin pipework plus a retrofit SCR catalyst to meet local authority emission requirements. Or perhaps your CHP control system needs upgrading, or the inverters in your UPSs need changing.

Open Protocol Control Panel Upgrades

With closed protocol controllers being fitted to many manufacturers’ equipment to restrict other service providers supporting you, we offer a panel upgrade package for any CHP or generator. This removes this restriction and allows you to go to market to ensure you secure the service levels needed – within your budget..

Get An On-Site Expert

For critical applications, Shenton Group offer the complete ‘babysitting’ service for your generator, UPS or CHP. This means we can have one of our engineers on-site should anything go wrong. Take confidence in knowing that help is always on hand.

Extended Warranty

We can offer extended warranties on all of our products, taking full responsibility for ensuring your asset always functions in a planned and cost-effective way. Our extended warranty contracts include standard and major service visits and also provide cover for replacement parts and consumables. These are bespoke packages and are costed on an individual basis.

Complete Load Bank Testing Service

Load bank testing is a controlled on-load test of your full backup power protection system. Extended and regular full load testing of standby diesel generators and other power systems using a variable load bank is essential to ensure reliable and consistent performance during mains failure. To find out more details about this service, visit our Load Bank page.

Oil, Fuel or Coolant Sampling

A simple but critical task that can increase the lifetime of your asset. Let Shenton Group take samples of your oil, coolant and fuel to give you a detailed report on its condition and advise if any further action is required.

Routine sampling of oil, coolant and fuel helps to ensure that any deterioration is picked up at an early stage.

Fuel Services/Polishing

Diesel fuel that is stored in bulk fuel tanks for long periods of time will deteriorate and become contaminated by water, solids and bacterial growth.

Contaminated fuel will reduce the output power of diesel engines and generators and, in some cases, will cause system failures which means extensive and costly repairs to the fuel systems. Under extreme circumstances, contaminated fuel can be rendered unusable and need replacing entirely. For more information visit our fuel services/polishing page.

Parts & Consumables

Shenton Group’s parts department offers our clients a huge range of generator, UPS and CHP parts from filters, spark plugs, breakers, cable and all other consumable items right through to oil, fuel and spill kits. If you are struggling to find items for older assets, then utilise our in-house expertise and allow us to source the parts for you. Visit our parts & consumables page


Visit our G99 page for more information

Switchgear Servicing (LV/HV)

Regular maintenance and servicing of Air Circuit Breakers (ACB) and LV Switchgear is essential for reliable and trouble-free operation.

Our nationwide team of Shenton Group service engineers provide ongoing and scheduled maintenance through annual or one-off servicing of all makes and sizes of ACBs and Low Voltage Switchgear.

  • Visual Inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication
  • Busbar Integrity
  • Insulation Safety Inspections
  • Full ‘Current Injection’ testing and calibration

For more information regarding our products and services, please contact the Shenton Group customer support team

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