In a world where upholding businesses often requires high levels of power usage; organisations are much more frequently facing fluctuating power needs that cannot be met by permanent standby generators.

Rental generators provide a versatile and efficient solution to a wide range of possible power challenges – this added layer of protection could be the difference between all your business processes being put on hold for an extended period, or a short interruption that is then resolved allowing your business to function as usual.

Situations that Require Generator Hire

Rental generators play a crucial role in ensuring operational continuity and efficiency across various situations. Here are some examples where generator hire becomes pivotal:

  • Backup for Critical Systems: In sectors like healthcare or data centres, where power failure is not an option, rental generators act as a reliable backup, ensuring critical systems always remain operational. Rental generators for when the power goes out come in all sizes, therefore, it is worth speaking with a professional before looking at the best option for you.
  • Temporary Facilities: In scenarios such as construction sites, temporary offices, or special events, establishing a permanent power setup is often impractical or unfeasible. Rental generators offer a convenient and efficient solution for these temporary setups, providing the necessary power without the need for long-term infrastructure.
  • Disaster Recovery: Natural disasters, accidents, or incidents like fires can cause unexpected disruptions to mains power. In these critical moments, generators for when power goes out becomes indispensable for the immediate restoration of power, aiding in recovery efforts, and minimising operational downtime.
  • Off-Grid Locations: For remote areas or sites that are in the process of securing mains power connections, rental generators are indispensable. They ensure a consistent power supply, enabling businesses and projects in these locations to proceed without delay.
  • Business Continuity: High-demand periods such as the Christmas season or unexpected spikes in business activity require a reliable power source to maintain smooth operations. Rental generators provide the additional power needed to handle these surges without interrupting business continuity.
  • System Maintenance or Upgrades: When existing power systems undergo maintenance or upgrades, there’s a temporary void in power supply. Rental generators step in to fill this gap, ensuring that operations continue seamlessly during these transitional phases.
  • Testing New Systems: Incorporating a new power system into an existing setup requires careful testing and evaluation. Rental generators allow for comprehensive testing of these systems, providing insights into their performance and capacity before full integration.
  • Seasonal Operations: Certain industries with seasonal peaks, such as agriculture or tourism, can benefit from rental generators during their high-activity months, ensuring they have adequate power without the year-round expense.
  • Large-Scale Projects: For major projects or events that demand high power output beyond the regular supply, rental generators offer a scalable solution to meet inflated demands.

Benefits of Renting Instead of Buying

Choosing a rental generator brings a multitude of benefits, tailor-made to suit the diverse requirements of modern businesses. A key advantage is the flexibility it provides. Organisations can adjust their power needs according to current demands, avoiding the long-term commitment and financial implications of purchasing a generator. This flexibility is particularly important in sectors where power requirements can vary greatly, be it due to seasonal shifts or project-specific needs.

Another major benefit is the cost-effectiveness of renting as opposed to buying. For many businesses, particularly those needing generators for short-term use or as an interim solution, the capital investment required to purchase and maintain a generator can be prohibitively high. Rental generators remove these upfront costs, allowing companies to better allocate their financial resources.

Rental generators also offer an immediate solution in emergency scenarios. When unexpected power disruptions occur, whether from natural disasters or technical failures, rental generators can be swiftly mobilised, ensuring minimal operational interruption. This rapid deployment is crucial for industries where continuous power is essential.

Moreover, rental generators come with a high level of customisation. Businesses can select from various models with different capacities and features to perfectly match their specific requirements. This bespoke approach is especially beneficial for one-off projects or unique operational needs.

Lastly, opting for a rental generator includes comprehensive maintenance and support. Businesses are relieved of the burden of upkeep and any technical complications, as these are managed by the rental company. This service ensures efficient and reliable operation of the generator, offering peace of mind to businesses.

Why is Shenton the Best Choice for Generator Rental?

Shenton Group stands out with its comprehensive range of generators, ranging from 30kVA to 1250kVA, catering to bespoke residential, commercial, or heavy-duty applications. Operating 24/7/365 across the UK, we ensure uninterrupted power supply whenever and wherever you need it.

Choosing Shenton Group extends beyond just generator rental; it’s about experiencing a full spectrum of power solutions:

  • Wide Range of Equipment: Including fuel tanks, AMF panels, transformers, cabling, distribution panels, temporary fencing, cable covers, ramps, and acoustic panels.
  • Complete Installation Services: From delivery to full installation, ensuring safe, secure, and tidy setup.
  • Expert Advice: Our experienced and friendly team advises on the best accessories and equipment tailored to your specific needs.
  • Emergency Power Call Service: Shenton Group’s Emergency Power Call service offers a reliable and cost-effective Emergency Generator Rental Subscription, providing unlimited emergency callouts for a fixed monthly fee. With an average response time of 100 minutes and national coverage, the service guarantees power restoration swiftly and efficiently. The subscription also includes full management by trained engineers, from delivery to connection and refuelling, ensuring seamless operation.

Discover how Shenton Group has powered success across various sectors. Explore our Case Studies (This link needs to be fixed) for insights and inspiration on how our rental generators can empower your business.

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