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Shenton Group ATS Panel Range

Our Phoenix2 ATS panels are available as single-phase and three-phase. Single-phase is typically used in residential property and can support 40 Amp- 125 Amps of power, and three-phase ATS panel support 40 Amp - 3200 Amp and are typically used in commercial property. Other sizes are available on request.

As standard, our ATS panels come with volt free contacts and indicators for remote monitoring or BMS system connections. This will enable you to see which power supply is available and which supply is online.

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What are ATS Panels, and what role do they play in a standby power system?

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) panels – often referred to as Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) panels – automatically facilitate the change over from one power supply to another power supply. This could be switching between 2 mains power supplies or a mains power supply and a generator power supply. Without an ATS / AMF panel in place, this changeover would have to be manually operated via a manual changeover panel which relies on human intervention to operate. This could therefore result in a longer break in power if no one is available to operate the manual switch resulting in a loss of data, damage to electrical equipment, disruptions to communications, manufacturing and everyday activities. To completely remove the risk of any break in power a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system can be installed downstream of the ATS panel and this bridges the gap between the ATS panel switching between 2 mains power supplies or a mains power supply and a generator power supply and your backup generator.

How does an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS panel) work?

An ATS panel is constantly monitoring the incoming AC mains supply and will activate the standby generator if/when the mains power fails by sending it a start signal. The generator will start up and once up to speed will send a signal to the ATS panel to let it know that it is ready to take the load. This process usually takes around 10 – 15 seconds). At this points the ATS panel will automatically transfer the load from the mains power supply to the generating set. When the mains supply returns, the ATS panel controls a return to the mains supply and shuts down the generator after a suitable cooling down run. This process is the same when you have 2 mains power supplies, the only difference being is that the ATS panel does not need to wait for the second mains supply to come up to speed and therefore the changeover can happen much faster

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    • Over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing ATS panels to accommodate every requirement.

    • Integration of ATS panels with the generator control philosophy.

    • Our ATS panels have an AC-33B rating and are BS8519 compliant to meet the stringent requirement as part of the British standard.

    Our ATS panels are available on short lead times with stock available to accommodate our customers’ needs.

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    ATS Panel Design and Manufacture

    We design and manufacture our own ATS panels, often as part of a turnkey standby power solution that links an automatic transfer switch, UPS and standby generators with remote monitoring and associated security and safety features.

    With many years’ experience providing AMF panel solutions, our latest ATS offering, Phoenix2 is a fully automatic transfer panel that can be used for either mains to generator or mains to mains applications.

    It includes all mains and generator power monitoring and protection systems with a Motorised four pole changeover switch conforming to BS EN 60947-6-1, operated by a digital programable ATS controller, which can be programmed for either dual mains or mains to generator applications. This purpose-built ATS panel is a single unit that does not contain contactors and circuit breakers, reducing the likelihood of component malfunction and allowing flexibility if the power or control design changes.

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    ATS Panel Phoenix2 Meets BS8519 Standards

    Our Standard Phoenix2 ATS panels have an AC-33B rating. This stringent requirement is part of the British standard BS8519 for fire-resistant power and control cable systems. BS8519 ensures that life safety equipment such as firefighter lifts, emergency lights, smoke extraction fans and other critical applications are supported to a national standard. All Shenton Group Phoenix2 ATS panels meet these requirements.

    Bespoke ATS Panel Solutions

    Every building is different, and the life safety equipment requirement varies. Shenton Group will work with you to establish your requirements and design a solution fit for your unique needs.



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    ATS Switch Features

    • Built-in self-seeking power supply, meaning it is not a necessity to have an additional auxiliary power supply.
    • Optional single or dual bypass switch arrangements.
    • BS8519 compliant.
    • Single component, purpose-built.
    • Dual-purpose ATS panel for dual mains or mains and generator allowing flexibility if the power design changes.
    • Volt free contacts and indications for remote monitoring or BMS system connections.
    • Lamp indicators.

    To find out more information on ATS panels, get in touch with our technical experts!

    Sample Technical Drawings

    For project-specific technical drawings, or to view other drawings please get in touch with our technical team. 

    For more information regarding our products and services, please contact the Shenton Group customer support team

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