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If you’re running prime power generators in a remote location, you’ll need regular, planned refuelling.

You’ll also want the peace-of-mind that you can be refuelled at short notice!


Annual or one-off refueling?

Shenton Group has you covered. Refuelling contracts are available to holders of our Power Care and Maxicare Plus service contracts. For a fixed annual fee we’ll deliver diesel directly to the generator fuel tank. Need a one-off refuelling? We can help you there too.

Servicing the whole of the UK – no matter how remote!

With depots and refuelling stations all around the country, we can guarantee fuel deliveries to almost any location within the UK. If your site is somewhere particularly hard to access, we run a fleet of 4X4 all-terrain vehicles to make sure your delivery reaches you.

All of our generators – for hire or for sale – can be equipped with HawkEye 2 Monitoring, our automatic remote generator monitoring system. It keeps a 24/7 watch on all the operational elements of our emergency generators, so the moment the generator control panel detects the fuel is low, HawkEye 2 calls our central control room to request a delivery.

We also offer rapid response emergency refuelling. Our standard rapid refuelling contracts include response times of:

  • 6 hours: typically for critical needs customers such as hospitals, care homes, telecoms companies and financial institutions
  • 12 hours: for vital, but not critical-need customers, such as manufacturing companies and factories, utilities companies and data centres
  • 24 hours: for larger than average day-tank or bulk fuel storage facilities, such as farms and private residences.

Make sure your backup power never runs dry. Call us now on 0344 888 4445 to discuss your on-going generator refuelling needs.

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