Why is generator maintenance so important?

Maintenance for your generator is vital in preventing unexpected breakdowns, making sure that it is functioning to full effect during power outages and getting the most out of your generator lifespan.

What are signs that my diesel generator is in need of a maintenance check?

  • The generator making strange noises
  • Problems with starting
  • Visible leaks
  • Unexplained damage on the generator
  • Increase in diesel usage

If a diesel generator is well-maintained, how long can they last?

A well-maintained diesel generator can have a remarkably long lifespan. Typically, these generators can last between 20,000 to 30,000 hours of operation. This translates to several years of reliable service, depending on how frequently the generator is used. It’s important to note that the longevity of a diesel generator doesn’t just depend on the total hours of operation. Regular maintenance, the quality of parts used, operating conditions, and the quality of the installation all play significant roles in determining its lifespan. Adhering to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and addressing any issues promptly are key to maximising the lifespan of a diesel generator.

What if my diesel generator has an emergency failure?

Contact Shenton Group and we will send out a qualified technician to help out with the emergency. By doing so promptly, not only will this reduce any possible damage to the generator, but it will minimise your powers downtime.

What is the impact of regular maintenance checks on diesel generator fuel efficiency?

Regular maintenance means that fuel efficiency will improve by ensuring that the generator is operating at peak performance levels, supplying the necessary amount of power while reducing fuel consumption and wastage.

Can I perform maintenance on my diesel generator myself, or should I rely on professional help?

While there are some very basic maintenance tasks that can be performed by you, we advise that you have our qualified Shenton Group technicians perform the maintenance for your generator. This is to ensure safety and generator health and is compliant with the manufacturer’s guidelines. If there are any basic maintenance tasks to be carried out between visits, our technicians can run through them with you.

Does Shenton Group provide anything that will help me check the well-being of my diesel generator?

Yes, we do. We offer remote monitoring systems that will allow you to track the performance of your generator and receive real-time alerts when your generator has any issues and how to optimise its operation.

What is Remote Monitoring for Diesel Generators?

Remote monitoring for diesel generators is a sophisticated technology that allows for the observation, tracking, and management of generator performance from a distance. It involves the use of sensors, software, and communication technologies to collect, transmit, and analyse data from the generators. Essentially remote monitoring is a necessary part of your service and maintenance contract to keep a close eye on the generator’s performance. Find out more about our service offering here:

What if Fuel Polishing?

Fuel polishing is a process used to clean and maintain diesel fuel in storage to ensure it remains in good condition and is safe for use. Over time, stored diesel fuel can become contaminated with water, sediment, microbes (like bacteria and fungi), and other impurities. These contaminants can degrade the fuel quality and potentially damage the engine or fuel system if used without treatment. Fuel polishing is particularly important for diesel fuel stored for long periods, such as in backup generators.

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