Our People

The reason for our success is our people.

We’re proud and privileged to have a workforce whose will to succeed is second to none. We’ve created a culture of continuous improvement, of dedication and persistence, of innovation and aiming high.

We have absolute faith in our engineers and support staff to deliver on our promises. We think that a lot of the positive atmosphere throughout shentongroup is made possible by the family values lived and breathed by our board.

Jody Meek – Managing Director
Jody has an utter dislike of failure and only 100% success comes anywhere near to an achievement in his book. Focusing on the operational side of the company, he and his team strive for excellence in everything they touch.
d – 01264 349 346
e – jody.meek@shentongroup.co.uk

Darren Meek – Director
Darren began in the workshops and refueling generators. More than a decade on, he is working with our clients to ensure they have the most cost effective and technically advanced back-up power systems in place.
d – 01264 349 311
e – darren.meek@shentongroup.co.uk

Curtis Meek – Sales & Marketing Director
Responsible for the Sales and Marketing department, Curtis works hard to ensure the positive customer experience continues when dealing with the Sales team at shentongroup.
d – 01264 349 348
e – curtis.meek@shentongroup.co.uk

Derek Barry – Technical Director
Derek joined us straight from college. He’s now our technical director and his innovative designs form the heartbeat of every solution produced in Shenton House.
d – 01264 349 421
e – derek.barry@shentongroup.co.uk

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