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Fuel Tanks & Pipework

What fuel tank do I need?

Most generators will come with a standard base fuel tank typically offering 10 hours run time at 75% load. However in instances where longer run times are required, space is an issue or where legislation comes into play, you may require a bespoke bulk fuel system.

We offer extended base tanks or bulk fuel tanks with a generator day tank local to the generator. This then gives you the option of going for a fuel transfer system or standard flow and return. Types of fuel transfer pipework that we specialise in: Powerpipe, welded steel pipe in pipe, Brugg® and underground plastic pipe in pipe.

Fuel Tanks

Fuel Tank Bunds

Under the control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations 2001 there are requirements for operators and owners to provide safer and more environmentally friendly fuel storage. All commercial storage facilities in excess of 200 litres capacity must have a ‘second containment’ capable of holding at least 110% of the maximum tank capacity.

Shenton Group offers fully compliant compact bunds for all our generators that are complete with fork truck pockets for easy location. Cleverly designed rain covers complete an attractive and functional package that meets and exceeds the legal requirement.

Fuel Tank Options

Shenton Group provides a comprehensive range of DEFRA-approved bulk fuel tanks, including plastic fuel tanks and double-skinned steel fuel tanks. See below for more information!

Steel Bulk Fuel Tanks

Our purpose-built, double-skinned steel tanks are manufactured to your specific size requirements, to meet BS799 type, J British Standard. They can be designed as freestanding units or as an integral base tank for long run applications where space is limited.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Manufactured to BS799 part 5
  • Complies with statutory pollution prevention PPG2
  • Complies fully with DEFRA regulations
  • Tank contents gauge

Polyethylene Bulk Fuel Tanks

We stock a standard range of plastic fuel tanks ranging in size from 1220 litres to 5000 litres. These polyethylene fuel tanks are OFTEC and DEFRA certified, cost-effective, and comply fully with the latest Environment Agency regulations.

  • Maintenance-free
  • Blends aesthetically with the surrounding environment
  • Fully-bunded
  • OFTEC-approved
  • Complies fully with DEFRA regulations
  • Tank contents gauge

Extended Runtime Base Fuel Tanks

We also offer fully DEFRA-compliant increased capacity, fully-bunded, integral base fuel tanks to give extended duration runtime for all of our generators.

Make sure you have enough legally-compliant fuel storage capacity to keep backup generators running in the event of a long-term power failure, or keep prime power generators in fuel for sustained periods; contact us for more information.

For more information regarding our products and services, please contact the Shenton Group customer support team

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