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Shenton Group Expands Recruiting Across the UK

Over the past year and a half, Shenton Group have experienced exponential growth, and 18 new team members have joined the Shenton family.

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National Grid Set to Lose Responsibility of Overseeing UK Electricity & Gas Systems

After 30 years of managing the energy system in England, Scotland and Wales, government ministers are planning to remove the National Grid as the electricity system operator as it looks to meet its 2050 net zero emissions target.

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Shenton Group Expands Generator Rental Division

We congratulate Grant Barry as he is promoted to Manager of our Generator Rental fleet! Over the past year and a half, we have seen inquiries more than double, leading us to expand the department, and as a result, we are recruiting another Rental Assistant.

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Shenton Group and EMS Group Partnership

Shenton Group has recently partnered up with the EMS Group and their dedicated experts in multidisciplinary environmental consultancy

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Electrical Systems: What is a Brownout?

Generally speaking, electricity supply exceeds demands, but when there is any disruption at power plants or the supply source it can lead to brownouts. With the installation of a UPS and backup generator, it is possible to avoid fluctuation issues such as brownouts or power surges.

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Dealing With an Electricity Power Cut

Most power cuts are unforeseen and until the electricity is cut off, many organisations do not appreciate the importance of electrical power. Learn about the preventative measures you can put in place.

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UPS Backup Power Systems & the Importance of Maintenance

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Service & Maintenance plans include but are not limited to, device repairs, battery management, enclosure maintenance and power conversion optimisation.

To ensure our clients get support best suited to their needs, Shenton Group offers five levels of UPS maintenance.

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CHP Solution Provides University of Exeter with Energy Savings

Client: Whitehead Building ServicesLocation: Exeter Products/ Services 2 x 120kWe CHP unitsLow noise acoustic enclosuresDelivery, off-loading and positioningG99 relayG99 application process and witness testing System commissioning Supply of ancillary valves, connections and control equipmentCHP maintenance contracts BACKGROUND For many years Exeter university has been growing rapidly, and with growth comes the…

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Royal Mail Gets a Royal Backup Power Solution From Shenton Group

BACKGROUND As the Royal Mail continue to invest in their infrastructure, Shenton Group were once again called upon to offer a resilient standby power solution to support one of their distribution centres. The project was progressing under tight deadlines, and a well-respected M&E contractor contracted Shenton Group to design, supply…

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Generator & CHP Package Supports University of Cambridge’s Research Laboratory

BACKGROUND Project Capella was a £79m research laboratory development for the University of Cambridge. The University wanted a fast-track build, and as a result, some very fast-track methods of construction were required throughout the project. However, as a heavily serviced research laboratory with considerably complex and intricate M&E components, design…

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