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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Our terms and conditions are available for download in pdf format. Terms and conditions of sale Terms and conditions of purchase…

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Converting Biogas into Electricity – Cranford AD Plant

Sector: AD PlantClient: Cranford ADLocation: Northamptonshire Background The Anaerobic Digestion facility was constructed to make use of locally grown maize as a feedstock to create green energy from a zero-carbon source. Cranford AD needed to convert biogas into electricity and heat. The electricity created revenue by off-setting power…

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Shenton Group Provides CHP Solution for Prestigious Housing Development

Client: Kingsland Wharves Location: East London Products & Services supplied: CHP maintenance contracts OverviewSet within a historical conservation area, Imtech Aqua Building’s Kingsland Wharves housing development consists of 207 dwellings, split 58 dwellings in two blocks and 149 in 7 blocks.  Shenton Group won a contract to provide a combined heat and power…

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UPS Solutions for Data Centres

Data centres are required to be up and running constantly, even when there is a loss of power, as they are so vital in allowing us access to key information across a wide sector of industries including IT and telecoms.

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List of the pages on our website. Home Products Generators & UPS AMF Panels Fuel Tanks Combined Heat & Power Generator Rental Power Call Maintenance & Monitoring CHP Maintenance Contract Fuel Polishing G99 Generator Maintenance…

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