Vision & Values

Our Vision

To provide the most trusted energy solutions, in an unpredictable world.

Culture is not something that you can see, hear or smell, but it is certainly something you can feel.

A culture runs the whole way through an organisation from the way we treat each other to the way we serve our clients. A culture is created when a team of people support a common goal, with shared values and principals.

Find out how we are living and breathing what we believe below!

Shenton Staff

Our core values


Family Run Business

Shenton Group is the continuous power industry leader with family-owned business values. Founded by Richard Meek back in 1982, by 1984 the Scorpion Power Systems brand rapidly became synonymous with reliable standby power. Merging a number of brands under the Shenton Group name in 2010, the family-run business is now managed by Richard’s sons; Jody Meek Chief Operating Officer, Curtis Meek Chief Executive Officer and Darren Meek Sales Manager – Service.

Additionally the C-Suite team has expanded to include Derek Barry, Chief Technical Officer, Craig Lewendon Chief Financial Officer and Tara Lawson Chief People Officer.

Happy Healthy Staff

Family is about giving: Giving to colleagues, clients and community. Here at Shenton Group we have created happy working environments that include investments into break out areas and we heavily promote a happy and healthy workforce environment. Employees are provided with fruit, cereal, bread, cheese, ham, eggs, tomatoes and more as no-one works well on an empty stomach.

Duty of Care

When members of staff have been taken by illness, Shenton Group have taken an approach that supports individuals on their route to recovery and introducing them back into the workplace gradually and looks at every case separately.

Read Andy Ralphs story…. Generator Mechanical Engineer suffers a heart attack 28th Jan 2018, classed severe to life threatening. Andy tells us about his story of coming back to work and the support Shenton Group gave to him and his wife throughout his recovery.
Read Andy’s recovery

We pride ourselves on having an impressive staff retention rate of 11%, favourably compared to the industry standard of 15%.

Charity and Community

We regularly participate in charity events and fundraising initiatives. Examples include:

  • Litter pick – Love where you live – This initiative aim is to encourage everyone to help improve where they live and work in Test Valley. Shenton Group jumped at the opportunity to help their community. Read more in our blog rolling our sleeves up.
  • Charity of the Quarter – Each quarter we pick a different charity to support and raise funds for. Click the link to see who we have helped, our charity work and fittest generating sponsor.
  • Providing work experience and sponsorship for students.


Shenton Group have been in business for some time now

Providing continuous power solutions since 1982, Shenton Group is an established, viable and stable business that’s here to stay.

Project Fit & Quality Assurance

To ensure the utmost quality and end-results for our clients, we would never embark on a project we deemed to be too high risk, nor one that we felt didn’t fit our ethos and competencies. With quality in mind, and best solutions as part of our core values, if another company was a better fit, we would certainly advise that.

Continuous Development

To remain at the forefront of the continuous power industry, we follow a strategy of continuous development of our products, services and employees.

We utilise only best-in-industry engines in all generator designs, supplied to us by rigorously sourced leading engine manufacturers.


Industry trusted design and manufacturing ensures unparalleled reliability. For added peace of mind we also offer extended warranty on your generators.


Case study: UHAF - Ministry of Defence

Shenton Group designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a comprehensive stand-alone power supply building for a new munitions handling facility on the UHAF Jetty for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) at Portsmouth.

“Shenton Group displayed great attention to detail and provided us with confidence in the technical viability of their proposal and the company’s ability to deliver. That confidence was not misplaced”.
Stephen Mole, Procurement Manager at Volker Stevin Marine

Read the full case study here

Test Cell

Our very own state-of-the-art test cell enables us to thoroughly scrutinise, calibrate, tune and log every element of each and every generator that leaves Shenton House. Ensuring Optimum Systems Leave Shenton House

Pre Testing and Job Specing

Prior to any project, site visits and client research includes detailed energy monitoring and usage calculations, ensuring that we specify all jobs as accurately and effectively as possible.


Our Desktop Study Tool arms consultants with invaluable usage statistics pre and post installation, enabling them to specify the correct sized system for now and well into the future.

CAD Design

With our own in-house CAD Design department, we’re able to produce electrical & mechanical designs in various formats including DWG, Inventor and Revit in 2D and 3D.

Staff Training

  • Staff training (factory training, gas safe, electrical)
  • Qualified directly employed engineers


Commitment To Our Clients

24/7 Support, whether its for a Generator or CHP engineer call out or an emergency call on one of our PowerCall generator support contracts. With an average response time of 100 mins, we are committed to supporting you, wherever you are in the UK.

“Firstly, thanks again for the amazing turnaround last week – you’ve made me something of a miracle worker this end!” more about this project

We have a track-record for taking on complex jobs, implementing innovative approaches to installing solutions into restrictive spaces and providing unusual requirements. We provide solutions with the lifespan of the system and longevity of our client in mind.

We never walk away from issues and we take personal pride in our projects.

Project Example
Installation on the 6th floor of flagship retail store in Oxford street – Read about this project

We don’t just sell products, we sell solutions. We pride ourselves on providing the correct solution for client needs

Commitment To Our Staff

“When you strategically invest in employees, you attract and keep all the best candidates, and you also build a strong work culture unafraid of innovation, change, failure and success. Employees take the bull by its horns and run with ideas, instead of running away from problems.” –

Shenton Group shares this vision. We are constantly upskilling our workforce, helping our employees to excel and raising the bar in regards to the service we provide to our clients.

In the first six months of 2018, our staff completed a staggering 1,232 hours of training, with a company size of around 65 employees. High staff retention rates mean this number only increases as our team grows.

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