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generators and ups

Generators & UPS

At Shenton Group we manufacture diesel and gas HV & LV generators from 10kVA to 3200kVA, and UPS Systems up to 500kVA.

Providing our clients with reliable solutions from the word go, every power supply solution goes through a detailed pre-dispatch inspection before it reaches its final destination. We look after the complete project from design, manufacture, project management and civils, to mechanical and electrical install, site integration, testing and final commissioning.

Our technical ability produces expert turn-key solutions, giving your business the confidence of continuous power.

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Generator Suppliers

We design bespoke generators tailored to your requirements and offer ongoing technical support and maintenance services.



Uninterruptible Power Supply

A UPS ensures the power supply remains on in the event of mains power loss, essential for those reliant on critical power.

UPS Systems

ATS Panels

ATS Panel Suppliers

Safeguard power supply with an automatic transfer switch, and gain access to an alternative power source in an emergency.

ATS Panels

Fuel Tanks

Generator Fuel Tanks

We help clients safely store and maintain the fuel required to run a standby generator in the event of an emergency.

Fuel Tanks

Generator Installation

Shenton Group provides a full suite of generator services from manufacture to maintenance. All generators undergo rigorous pre-dispatch testing. Our engineers ensure the delivery and installation goes according to plan, providing you with complete peace of mind and true value for money with your turnkey generator solution.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Filtering and stabilising power supplies prevents any issues with transients, spikes, or surges. Shenton Group delivers UPS solutions to ensure power is filtered and never fails. Our UPS solutions give power critical organisations the freedom to operate with confidence.

How do we deliver value for money?





project management

Project Management


Install / Site integration



As part of our power supply service, we offer complete turnkey solutions for clients across the UK:

  • Bespoke design, manufacture and installation, providing solutions for even the remote and hard to reach places.
  • Expert project management to meet your businesses requirements and timescales.
  • Industry-leading choice of generators, UPS systems and power supply solutions.
  • Continual development of products, services and knowledge, enabling us to provide better continuous power solutions for ease of mind.
  • We support clients with funding options and offer market-leading expertise in finance for UPS & Generators.

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For more information regarding our products and services, please contact the Shenton Group customer support team

generator installed

Services offered

If you’re considering renting a generator rather than investing in a permanent generator, please take a look at our generator rental section.

Looking for generator maintenance?
We offer a range of different support contracts to ensure your investment remains in peak condition. Click here to find out more!

UPS systems have consumable parts that age with use. We offer UPS maintenance and monitoring plans to ensure they are kept in optimum condition click here to view our maintenance contracts.

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