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Generators & UPS

At Shenton Group we manufacture diesel and gas HV & LV generators from 10kVA to 3200kVA, and UPS Systems up to 500kVA

Our Generators are built to the highest safety standards - Prime and standby power

Not only are we focused on keeping power supplies operational in the event of a mains failure but also in improving the sustainability of your power supply such as providing prime power solutions for remote locations. Our fully bespoke range of standby power generators can ensure you never fall victim to a power failure.

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What the difference between and generator and a UPS?

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is the bridge between the mains power going off and your backup generator coming online. Without a UPS system, there’s a handful of seconds before the generator starts and takes the full electrical load. In that brief gap, you will not have access to power, which in some scenarios could have serious consequences.

Critical environments such as hospitals have UPS’s installed as a break in power could be life-threatening. Data centres are also considered high risk as a drop in power could cause detrimental downtime and security risks.

Benefits of UPS power supply system

  • To provide a quality power supply by filtering and stabilising the power source which may be affected by disturbances such as transients, spikes, surges etc.
  • Protection from brown-outs. This is when the mains supply fails for a period that is to brief to start the generator. The UPS will support your equipment during this brief break in power.

How do we deliver value for money?

From design, manufacture, project management and civils, to mechanical and electrical install, site integration, testing and final commissioning – we look after the complete project.



project management

Project Management


Install / Site integration



Our range of diesel standby and prime-power generators include

  • Full range of weather-proof acoustic canopies to meet specific sound attenuation levels
  • Proven industry-leading control systems
  • Industry-leading choice of engines and alternators
  • Integral bunded base frame fuel tanks and fuel management systems

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Technical Information


Diesel generators can be used for many applications. Here are the most common:

Standby – the most common use of a generator. This is to start-up in the event of a mains failure and provides back-up power. It can also be set up to not only start up when the mains fails but to also carry on running when the mains returns. This involves synchronising with the mains and slowly ramping off ensuring there is no break in the supply again.

Prime – When the generator is used as the main power source and is running continually or for extended periods of time.

Peak lopping – very often more power is needed in locations than what is being provided by the mains supply. Upgrading the mains supply can be very costly and this is when you can install a generator to provide the extra power that you need. The generator will sense when the mains supply is near capacity and start the generator enabling it to provide extra power.

What about acoustics?

Acoustics are a major part of any generator project and need careful consideration when cost and space planning. From carrying out initial acoustic surveys through to the final installation we will ensure your requirements are met.

Acoustic ranges from 85dBA to 50dBA@1m. We offer generators within attenuated plant rooms, drop over, bespoke, or standard close fit canopies and containerised solutions. We can also look after any necessary louvres that maybe required and can supply and install secondary silencers within the flue to reduce the noise further.

SCR’s - concerned about exhaust emission?

Shenton Group can supply SCR catalyst systems to our generators. SCR’s (Selective Catalyst Reduction) may be required if the client is concerned about the exhaust emission produced or is considering to use the generator plant for anything other than standby emergency power. If this is the case then all equipment over a certain size must comply with the new MCPD directive (Medium Combustion Plant Directive). SCR systems reduce NOx emission by the injection of Urea (AD Blue) into the exhaust catalyst system.

Supplying and Installing Flue Systems

In many generator installations, exhaust flues need to exit away from the generator or building location. Shenton Group can supply and install bespoke flue systems including stainless steel, twin-wall insulated and coloured to blend in with architectural surroundings.

Automatic Mains Failure - Switchgear

Shenton Group manufacture and supply a range of Automatic Mains Failure (AMF)/ Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) panels and dual mains panels designed for covering life safety equipment that must be backed up from two supplies.

For larger switchgear applications our engineers work closely with all major manufacturers, ensuring that complex control, synchronisation and switching arrangements are fully integrated.

For more information regarding our products and services, please contact the Shenton Group customer support team

generator installed

Services offered

If you’re considering renting a generator rather than investing in a permanent generator, please take a look at our generator rental section.

Looking for generator maintenance?
We offer a range of different support contracts to ensure your investment remains in peak condition. Click here to find out more!

UPS systems have consumable parts that age with use. We offer UPS maintenance and monitoring plans to ensure they are kept in optimum condition click here to view our maintenance contracts.

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