Client: British Salt Company owned by Tata Chemicals
Sector: Manufacturing
Location: Middlewich

Products/ Services

  • 800kVA, bulk tank and cable
  • 500kVA, bulk tank and cable
  • 500kVA, bulk tank and cable
  • 500kVA, bulk tank and cable
  • 300kVA, bulk tank and cable
  • 200kVA bulk tank and cable
  • 6 bulk fuel tanks, cables, delivery, install and fuel management cables ramps and load bank


This case study will demonstrate the capabilities of our Rental Division and will outline how important it is to have a back up power provision plan in place to ensure your premises will remain in operation despite the severe weather in the colder months.

British Salt specialise in manufacturing, storing and supplying salt for over five decades to the whole of UK. With a reputation for high quality products, excellent service and reliability of supply, British Salt plays a crucial role in keeping the UK’s industry moving – with applications in a wide range of sectors such as food production, water treatment, animal feed and nutrition, textiles and tanning, chemical industries, de-icing and as table and cooking salt. Salt is a vital commodity – one that is essential to daily life.

A bout of severe weather and flooding meant that 6 below ground switch rooms were flooded. This resulted in near disaster consequences after the loss of all power to ther site. Being in the height of winter and a 24/7 operation site, British Salt needed power restored ASAP to continue the production of road salt and support road safety conditions.

Project Overview

Working with Kohler Uninterruptible, who were the main contractor for the end user, Shenton Group acted incredibly fast to respond and restore power. Shenton were asked to provide temporary power on a late Friday afternoon to half the site at British Salt. We responded and were onsite within 4 hours of receiving the PO. We pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service and on this occasion, we supported our customers upholding our high standards.

The following Friday at 4.30 pm once again we were asked to provide power to the other half of the site. We responded and were on site within 4 hours once again delivering excellent customer service.

We provided a total of 2800kVA generators, all with bulk fuel tanks, cables, delivery, installation, fuel management cables ramps and load banks. Shenton Group provided a total of 4 4-month hire period until the site was repaired and power was restored.


The prompt response and excellent customer service meant that we provided a fully supported and reliable backup power solution. For a period of 4 months, we ensured that the customer’s premises are running without any disruption until the repairs required were completed and the site was once again up and running.

“The complexity of the project and the problem-solving was enjoyable. I am proud of our team for responding so quickly to support our customers once again.”
Grant Barry – Shenton Group Rental Operations manager

Why Choose Shenton Group

Here at Shenton, we have the knowledge and expertise of the generator industry to understand the challenges you are facing and how best to support them.

With nationwide coverage and 24/7 emergency response, you can rest assured that you and your equipment will be fully supported. Working with Shenton Group will ensure that you get the correct equipment for the application. If you would like to find out more about the industries we support, please check some of our other case studies.

We also have a trusted reputation of being one of the leading suppliers of rental generators in the UK, we have supplied generators to some of the biggest institutions in the country and we are committed to upholding the highest standards of service. We pride ourselves on our quick response times, especially during emergencies, to ensure your business or project gets the attention it needs to ensure full functionality.

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