Shenton Group offers key tips and best practices for diesel generator maintenance, covering both equipment and servicing aspects.

Maintaining a diesel generator is crucial for ensuring its longevity, reliability, and efficiency.

Shenton Group has over forty years of experience in providing customers from an array of sectors with diesel-powered solutions to ensure they can continue to operate even when the mains power supply fails. As an industry leader in energy solutions, we understand that the reliability and efficiency of your diesel generator are paramount. Regular maintenance is not merely a best practice; it’s a necessity. Keeping your generator in peak condition guarantees that it will perform seamlessly when needed the most. Whether you rely on your generator for critical backup power or as a primary source, its upkeep is essential. Here are some key tips and best practices for diesel generator maintenance, covering both equipment and servicing aspects:

To help maintain your diesel generator, we have comprised this diesel generator checklist:

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    Routine General Inspection:

    Regularly conduct a comprehensive inspection of the entire generator to detect signs of wear, tear, or damage. This includes a review of loose bolts, connections, and control panel readings. Additionally, confirm that safety mechanisms are functioning correctly.

    Cooling Systems Checks:

    Monitor coolant levels and make necessary adjustments. Inspect hoses and connections for any signs of leakage. Maintain the radiator and intercooler surfaces to prevent overheating, ensuring the cooling fans operate effectively.

    Lubrication Services:

    Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for oil and oil filter changes. Keep a vigilant eye out for oil leaks around the engine and validate the proper functioning of the lubrication system.

    Fuel System Checks:

    Inspect the fuel lines, connections, and filters for potential blockages or leaks. Ensure the fuel tank remains free from water and contaminants. Regularly run the generator under load to consume stored fuel, replacing it with fresh fuel.

    Battery Testing:

    Maintaining the battery in a generator is crucial for ensuring reliable operation, especially during emergencies. Regularly inspect the battery for corrosion, loose connections, or physical damage. Measure the battery voltage to ascertain it remains within the recommended range. Test the battery’s starting capacity and charge it when necessary

    Routine Engine Exercise:

    Exercise the generator under load conditions at regular intervals. Running the generator for a minimum of 30 minutes each month prevents engine issues due to inactivity.


    Maintain cleanliness in the vicinity of the generator and its external surfaces. Consistently remove dust, dirt, and debris to preserve its operational condition.

    Exhaust System Inspection:

    Regularly inspect the exhaust system for potential leaks, rust, or damage. Confirm the secure attachment of exhaust pipes and the integrity of the muffler.

    Servicing the Air Cleaner:

    Clean or replace the air filter in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Ensure that the air intake system remains unobstructed.

    Operating Inspections:

    Conduct ongoing monitoring of the generator’s operation during routine testing and actual power outages. Promptly address any irregularities or issues that surface during these assessments to prevent further complications.

    The Significance of Diesel Generator Maintenance

    Diligent maintenance is critical for safeguarding the reliability and longevity of your diesel generator. Neglecting maintenance responsibilities can result in unexpected breakdowns, expensive repairs, and a shortened generator lifespan. In addition to preventing downtime during power outages, which is especially critical for businesses, regular maintenance saves both time and resources.

    Diesel Generator Maintenance

    Aside from supplying diesel generators, Shenton Group also provide diesel generator maintenance to keep backup and emergency power generators in prime condition. Planned maintenance is critical to the health of any diesel generator and ensuring you have reliable power when you need it. No matter how remote you are based, we provide UK wide coverage from our thirty service locations.

    We offer bespoke maintenance contracts, remote monitoring to ensure your diesel generator is running as it should, generator upgrades, oil or coolant sampling as well as parts and spares.

    Get the Right Diesel Maintenance Solution

    We offer free site surveys to review your site and provide detailed feasibility reports. With any project, a dedicated project manager will see the project through from the detailed design of your power solution to a professional installation. Years of experience, technical expertise and serving a variety of clients ensure you will get the correct diesel generator maintenance solution for your needs.

    To discuss any of our diesel generator options, why not give our team a call and we will be happy to assist.

    Shenton Group – Supplying Diesel Generators Since the 1980’s

    Shenton Group has been the ‘go to’ provider of diesel generators since the 1980’s, supplying to organisations such as the British Army. We continue to provide several Ministry of Defence clients with reliable and trusted power services, including the installation of several diesel generators at RAF Valley.

    Thames Water, various Financial Service companies and other prestigious clients have made use of our expertise over the past 35 years.

    Cost Effective Solution for Emergency Power

    Do you need to have a better power continuity plan in place? Power Call is the emergency generator call out service. You will receive 24/7 365 days a year access to a backup generator and skilled engineers, without the need to purchase an onsite generator. Our dedicated fleet of generators are available in the event of a prolonged outage and offer your business power security as and when required, with unlimited call outs! Power Call has a national average response time of 100 minutes from notifying us to an engineer arriving on site.

    We are so confident of fulfilling our contractual commitment to you, that should we fail to have a generator available, your total Retainer Fee for that site for that year will be refunded.

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