Client: Amazon Direct

Sector: Distribution

Location: Tilbury

Products/ Services

  • 3 x 1250kVA’s
  • Bulk tanks
  • Cable
  • Artic trailers
  • Install/deinstall
  • Transport
  • Baby sitting
  • Fuel management


Amazon Direct is one of the largest distributors in the UK with over 30 warehouses operating currently. In 2021 an unplanned service requirement arose in one of Amazon’s distribution centres, which resulted in the requirement for a rental generator.

Shenton Group were asked to provide temporary power back up over 2 weekends to run the distribution centre whilst critical servicing works were carried out on the transformers. We provided all requested support and equipment out of hours.

Project Overview

The project required 3 x 1250kVA generators on artic trailers, complete with bulk fuel tanks and cabling. Upon delivering the 3 generators, Shenton Group engineers carried out the full installation of the units and the client was kept updated in regards to progress by our dedicated Operations Team. Once installed Shenton Group also provided ongoing ‘baby sitting’ for the installation to ensure any potential issues could be resolved quickly and give the client further piece of mind. As the generators were running as prime power it was critical that the fuel levels in the bulk fuel tanks were continually monitored. To enable this Shenton Group installed a remote fuel management system and refueled the tanks when required throughout the hire. Once the client’s work had been completed Shenton Group de-installed the generators leaving yet another very satisfied customer

Why Choose Shenton Group?

Here at Shenton, we have the knowledge and expertise of the generator industry to understand the challenges you are facing and how best to support them.

With nationwide coverage and 24/7 emergency response, you can rest assured that you and your equipment will be fully supported. Working with Shenton Group will ensure that you get the correct equipment for the application. If you would like to find out more about the industries we support, please check some of our other case studies.

We also have a trusted reputation of being one of the leading suppliers of rental generators in the UK, we have supplied generators to some of the biggest institutions in the country and we are committed to upholding the highest standards of service. We pride ourselves on our quick response times, especially during emergencies, to ensure your business or project gets the attention it needs to ensure full functionality.

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