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Global Combined Heat and Power Market Analysis an Eye Opener

As the world’s developing and developed nations strive to lower their green house emissions, a recent report on the global Combined Heat and Power installation sector supports other reports many countries are striving to make significant changes across both their industrial and consumer markets by the increased adoption of CHP cogeneration systems. Read more »

Challenges of CHP Sizing

There is always a tendency for CHP to be oversized, especially when the selection is based on thermal output. This leads to reductions in annual running time, and considerable loss of financial saving for the client. In extreme cases it can lead to physical damage due to excessive shutdowns and failures. Read more »

CHP versus other renewable energy sources

When there is such a range of energy-saving and carbon reduction technologies available, it may often be difficult to decide amongst them. It is true to say that each individual technology should be considered on its own merits, and the services of a specialist consultant may be required in order to manage the performance and financial assessments that are part of this process. Read more »

What is CHP?

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the simultaneous production of heat and electricity from a single fuel source, usually at the point of use.

With a CHP system a fuel (usually natural gas) is used to drive a reciprocating engine, delivering electricity from the alternator. At the same time the heat produced by the engine working, is captured from various sources (for example from the exhaust system and engine cooling circuits) to produce hot water. On some models heat is also recovered from the alternator and engine oil, further increasing efficiency.
Typically a CHP will produce up to twice the amount of heat energy as the electricity it generates. Read more »

Without CHP you could be out in the cold

Energy costs have risen more than a 100% in the past 12-months while businesses are now bracing themselves for further electricity hikes with the introduction of new legislation to cut the amount of CO2 we omit. CHP is almost twice as efficient as conventional power generation and can save some companies up to 50% in electricity costs.  Read more »

Combined heat & power is a clean, efficient and economic energy solution

The 21st century has highlighted a need for clean, efficient and economic energy, which has put Combined Heat & Power (CHP) into the limelight. By providing on-site power generation, waste heat recovery and system integration, CHP offers a realistic, near-term solution for exceptional energy efficiency and emission reduction. CHP systems can generate electricity locally while they recover heat to satisfy heating loads in buildings.  Read more »

Fears over future power shortages highlights requirement for standby power and CHP

Britain is facing a future where energy prices are going to escalate and energy sources will become insecure and unreliable according to a recent report from the industry regulator Ofgem. It stated that a combination of a global financial crisis, tough environmental targets, increasing gas import dependency and the closure of ageing power stations are to blame for rising costs and uncertain supplies.  Read more »

CHP – frequently asked questions

Will CHP Work For Me?

3 things are important, and they are all interlinked.

  1. The ability to use the heat, for heating or hot water, most of the year round. For example, an 80 bedroom hotel with a swimming pool would likely be a very successful application; whereas a 10 bedroom guest house would probably not be. Many other successful applications exist in all sorts of industries. Please ask us.  Read more »

What is combined heat & electrical power?

The concept of cogeneration is all about combined heat and electrical power (CHP).  Unlike a classic power station, where heat produced when making electricity, is wasted into the environment – CHP units collect all this waste heat and use it for something.  This saves fuel which would otherwise need to be used in boilers for producing that heat. Read more »

Carbon Trust funding for CHP

Investing in energy efficient equipment like CHP makes sound business and environmental sense, and with the new Carbon Trust and Siemens package, this is now being made easier than ever.

Whilst the Carbon Trust are no longer offering the interest free loans scheme (as of 1st April 2011), the Carbon Trust have now partnered with Siemens Financial Services to offer much more than they ever could before, at extremely competitive rates.

Read more »