What is Cogeneration?

Cogeneration also known as Combined Heat & Power (CHP) is the process of electrical power generation that captures the by-product (Heat) in the form of Low-Temperature Hot Water, Steam, or chilled water (in tri-generation schemes). Cogeneration is an incredibly efficient process as it uses such a high proportion or all the heat that is generated as a result of the electricity generation. By generating power and thermal energy simultaneously, Cogeneration can reduce carbon emissions as much as 30% in comparison to conventional generation via a boiler and electricity purchased directly from the national grid. 

For Commercial and industrial clients, Cogeneration can offer significant commercial benefits. 

With current utility prices (September 2020 industrial averages), rates of return on Capital Investments can often be under 18-months simple payback. This is due to the Spark Spread (Spark Spread is simply the cost of generating on-site compared to the cost of purchasing utilities and generating thermal energy through traditional means i.e. boilers). 

How Can I Ensure ROI With CHP?

Cogeneration is sized according to site specific thermal and electrical operating profiles. The feasibility reports Shenton Group can deliver on your behalf will assess the benefits of running a thermally led or electrically led system design. We can then review the commercial implications and benefits of each system to determine the most appropriate solution for each individual client’s site. By correctly sizing the cogeneration scheme, it is possible to achieve combined electrical, thermal energy efficiency in excess of 95%. Cogeneration will provide clients a fast return on capital investment. 


Funding Schemes Available For CHP Projects

With current social and economic drivers, Shenton Group can also assist by facilitating introductions for fully funded schemes with little or zero capital investment required by clients. Funded schemes may not offer as attractive savings to an end-user, yet, with zero capital investment required a funded solution could make immediate operational savings allowing sites to focus on core production and processes. 

Cogeneration benefits include:  

  • High Electrical Efficiency
  • High thermal efficiency 
  • Low emissions 
  • Low operational costs 
  • Reduction energy costs 
  • Simple Electricity Production 
  • Greater site resilience 
  • Future-proofing sites from uncontrollable external energy factors 
  • Fast project set up and installation 

Flexible power opportunities, Combined Heat and Power can benefit a wide range of industry sectors including: 

  • Hospitals
  • Universities 
  • Data centres 
  • Farming & Agriculture 
  • Food & drink manufacture 
  • Sewage and wastewater treatment facilities 
  • Industrial 
  • Commercial building 
  • District Heating 
  • Hospitality & Leisure 

If you would like to find out how you can save money on your power bills and reduce your carbon footprint, get in contact with me today. 

Shenton Group has delivered thousands of cogeneration projects over the years and has built many long-lasting relationships. We do not just integrate great CHP solutions; we also maintain them to ensure they provide you with years reliability and savings on your energy bills. 

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