This blog covers the basics and possible logistics, and installation requirements for access and delivery for projects looked after by Shenton Group.

Every job is unique, and a dedicated Shenton Group Project Manager will establish the most efficient way of transporting your power solution to site, in a timely, and safe manner. 

Transporting products and materials to customers requires the prioritisation of deliveries and allocation of time slots to ensure the most efficient delivery / offloading process. Sounds simple! But the detail and procedures behind the scenes are sometimes more complicated than thought. 

Logistics provides a range of factors to consider:  

  • Personnel required for loading, Transportation and delivery 
  • Time slots for the generator and or material delivery 
  • Booking of cranes and forklifts 
  • Vehicle access
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Access points
  • Offloading area
  • Traffic management plans

Does the generator require a hiab, forklift, driven road crane, or a tower crane to place materials and equipment in its final position? This needs assessing, and consideration of any road closures, and or traffic management measures that may be required.

Power solutions can vary in size from being able to fit comfortably on the back of a lorry, to wide loads. For wider loads, deliveries to your site may require road escorts and even more detailed planning.


The installation of a generator or CHP requires detailed thought. Not only ensuring there is a clear access route to deliver the equipment, but also ensuring there is space for future plant replacement programs to be carried out. Co-ordination needs to take place to ensure that any necessary cables, ductwork, pipework or other services do not ‘clash’ with existing site services. If this is the case, then existing services may need to be removed or re-routed.

As noted above, every project is unique, and different locations have their own variables. Shenton Group undertakes site surveys to assess the site to ensure there is nothing left to chance, providing you with peace of mind that the delivery and installation will be completed with minimal to no disruption. 

Do you have a project in mind? Get in contact and speak to the UK’s leading technical experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat & Power Systems. Backed up with years of experience and technical expertise, in serving a multitude of clients and sectors, we ensure you will get the correct solution for your needs.

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