shentongroup Generator Test Cell – Ensuring Optimum Systems Leave Shenton House

Not all continuous power companies can claim to have 30 service locations spanning the entire United Kingdom. Nor can they claim to have state-of-the-art testing facilities to rival shentongroup’s Shenton House HQ.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 09.42.34200 cubic metres in size, behind its huge imposing doors, shentongroup’s Generator Test Cell accommodates even our largest generators within a forced-air-cooled environment. It enables our Engineers to control airflow and ambient temperature, as well as controlling acoustics. It’s a unique test facility where they perform final testing of finished machines, pre-delivery inspections, client factory acceptance tests, and machine performance evaluation.

img_20160927_101805Every single Standby Generator that leaves our Test Cell has been analysed, inspected and fine-tuned. The detailed knowledge of the performance of each unit enables shentongroup to provide first-rate support and maintenance throughout the unit’s working life.

Take a look at our shentongroup Generator Test Cell video for a peek behind the scenes and if you’d like to know even more, then we’d be very happy to provide you with your very own guided tour.

Click here to arrange your shentongroup Test Cell visit.

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