The Shenton Group team understands that some projects require a rapid response, especially when lives are at stake.

For your back up power supplies to remain reliable, regular testing needs to take place, as at times components can fail. This is exactly what happened to a hospital in the south-of-England.

It was reported that the UPS system had failed, and their existing contractor could not meet the fast turn around on parts required to get the hospital back up and running with minimal distribution, so the contractor turned to Shenton Group to provide a replacement UPS system to be delivered and installed, within hours, not days.

Record response times!

From the moment that Shenton Group was informed that the existing UPS system had failed and that the hospital’s operating theatres were unable to proceed with critical work, in under two hours, Shenton Group was able to confirm that its supply chain had a replacement UPS system in stock. We promptly allocated an install team and the client gave us a verbal acknowledgement for the project work to proceed.

In no time at all, Shenton Group had despatched an engineer to carry out a detailed survey to ensure that all elements of replacement equipment had been allowed for, that any risks were mitigated and that a clear install strategy was in place. By the afternoon, Shenton Group’s survey engineer was on the hospital site and had ordered all key components which were then scheduled for a specialist courier collection.

Satisfied that the urgent work was being managed responsibly, speaking to Shenton Group’s Darren Meek (Sales Director – Service Products), the contractor stated: “Thanks for all your help today Darren. I have made sure the client knows you’re behind all this action.  They’ve asked for the install to go ahead tomorrow, if possible, and are keen to purchase the system outright as well… Thanks again”.

Hospital’s operating theatre back in action that very same evening…

By first thing the next morning, Shenton Group finalised terms and conditions and cost commitments with the contractor.  A little later the equipment and engineers arrived on-site to isolate the hospital’s aged UPS system and to remove it from its room. By the late afternoon, the new UPS system was being installed and Shenton Group engineers were undertaking the battery build. At approximately 20:30hrs, the final connections and commission were undertaken and at 22:30hrs the new UPS system was online, meaning that the hospital’s operating theatre was back in action that very same evening.

Content that this life-critical project was delivered with as much speed as expertise, the contractor commented: “All went fantastically and theatres went back live last night before 11 pm. Thanks for a great piece of work. You’ve definitely developed a fan club within the client team at the hospital…”

As a follow-up to the job, we also received the following email from the contractor: “Firstly, thanks again for the amazing turnaround last week – you’ve made me something of a miracle worker this end!” On the back of our quality project delivery, Shenton Group has now secured the Generator & UPS maintenance contracts for the whole hospital complex.

If you’d like to learn more about Uninterruptible Power Supplies and how Shenton Group can ensure that your locations experience zero down-time in the event of mains power failure, click here to speak to a member of the UK’s leading technical experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat & Power Systems.

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