In these extraordinary times, Shenton Group continues to provide support 24/7 to organisations operating in critical sectors, such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Food and beverage manufacturing/distribution/retail
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Military and defence
  • Data centres
  • Telecommunication
  • Finance
  • Utility providers
    • Water treatment industry
    • Oil & Gas
    • National Grid

With engineers available nationwide, we remain operational to deliver reliable uninterruptible power supply maintenance and solutions.

UPS Solutions for Critical Sectors

The healthcare industry is hugely reliant on continuous power, perhaps now more than ever. With the introduction of temporary new medical facilities throughout the UK, there is a growing demand for reliable power solutions and industry expertise.

Shenton Group already services a number of clients with UPS solutions across the UK at healthcare facilities, including hospitals, providing support for intensive care units, life support systems, communication centres and operating theatres to ensure power systems remain protected.  

Our experienced engineers have designed bespoke healthcare systems incorporating generators and uninterruptible power supply systems for NHS Trusts and residential care homes. If you require any support or assistance with UPS solutions, our team are ready and waiting to share their knowledge and expertise.

UPS System Experts

At Shenton Group, our vision is to provide trusted energy solutions, in an unpredictable world. This has never rung more true than at present with the COVID-19 pandemic. We strive to deliver the best possible service to both our current critical sector clients and new ones.

Since 1982, Shenton Group has led the way in providing reliable power solutions. With offices located in Andover, London, Falkirk, Norwich and Leamington Spa and service depots all over the country, our skilled engineers and dedicated support teams specialise in Standby Power, Combined Heat and Power Systems as well as Uninterruptible Power Supplies. Shenton Group provides a turnkey solution from; establishing requirements, design, manufacture, installation and ongoing maintenance.

Some examples of projects where we have provided UPS solutions:

Major UPS and Generator Project for Telecoms Data Hosting Centre

Rapid Replacement UPS System for Hospital Operating Theatre

Recommendation from RAF Lossiemouth

How Does a UPS System Work?

A UPS normally sits between the generator and the critical equipment it is covering, and converts normal AC mains power to DC battery stored energy, before converting it back into stable AC power.

This protects essential equipment from voltage dips and loss of power. In the event of a mains power failure, the energy stored in the UPS battery will run the equipment until a standby generator comes online and takes over. A UPS system is invaluable to power critical environments

Our team of UPS experts continue to provide service to our clients and should you need a UPS solution or any support with a critical power system, we are available to assist.

Why Is Uninterruptible Power so Important for Critical Sectors?

Critical healthcare facilities, sensitive data centres and communication networks can ill-afford any loss in power. The fallout from losing data, vital information or disrupting medical equipment is simply unthinkable, especially in the current climate.

Without a UPS in place, there can be a gap of a few seconds when there is no power whilst the generator starts up, causing untold damage. A UPS system is the bridge between mains power being lost and a backup generator coming online. In the event of power failure, AMF panels will react automatically and activate your generators, but it can be up to 15 seconds until the generators are up to speed and online. UPS systems are the ultimate protection for critical equipment, ensuring your electricity supply experiences zero downtime.

Other benefits of UPS power supply systems include stabilising your power source and preventing disturbances commonly caused by spikes and surges. Our extensive range of UPS solutions are compatible with most standby generator backup power solutions.

UPS Maintenance and Monitoring

Choosing a correct level of cover for your critical power system is every bit as important as the installation. Any form of backup power, generator or UPS system needs regular maintenance in order to be completely reliable at the most critical moments.

Shenton Group offer 24/7; 365 days a year cover for those who operate in critical sectors such as healthcare, data centres and communication facilities. With a Nationwide response team at your disposal, power continuity support plans give access to 24/7 technical help and support, guaranteed response times and any maintenance is provided up to manufacturers standards.  

Is Your Organisation Struggling to Operate During COVID-19?

We have recently launched a COVID-19 Support Service offering a centralised procurement and distribution service. This is different from our core offering and is to support understaffed organisations in this stressful time to operate efficiently. Whatever product or service you are sourcing, we can help.

E.g. if you are calling about your UPS system but also need to source hand sanitiser, let us know. We have the resources to support you. For more information, please visit our website.

If you require any support with a power solution, generator or UPS system in the current challenging circumstances, speak to our team of experts.

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