Lorraine John Celebrates 19 Years at Shenton Group

We are delighted to celebrate the 19th work anniversary of Lorraine John, our Operations Manager. In 2002 Lorraine was recruited from an agency, initially starting as a Service Coordinator for Merlin Power.  

Lorraine John

Merlin Power Management was the maintenance arm of our power offering, and it complimented our other business, Scorpion Power that supplied and installed generators.

Working as part of the maintenance team alongside seven other office-based staff, Lorraine’s role consisted of liaising with our generator clients and booking our six engineers for maintenance visits. The team was much smaller back then, and we worked out of a little office on Weyhill Road in Andover. 

2010 saw the country in recession and our customers were required to reduce their supply chain. This lead us to merge Scorpion Power Systems, Merlin Power Management and Power Call to become Shenton Global LLP, trading as Shenton Group.

As the company developed, Lorraine moved up the ranks to Team Leader and finally into her position today as Ops Manager for the generator and UPS side of the business. We are now 80 staff strong, and Lorraine has played a pinnacle role in the company’s growth over the last 19 years. We ask Lorraine: 

What has made you stay at the company?

“I have found it a great company to progress in. I love the variety of tasks I have in my day-to-day role, and the different challenges I face. The company have been very supportive, and they are a great team to work with. I appreciate the opportunities I have had over the years. My job is very rewarding.”

What does a typical day entail as Operations Manager at Shenton Group?

“Liaising with Engineers, clients, building and developing processes, assisting in designing new systems, supporting the service department. My job is fast-paced, it always keeps me focused and on my toes!”

Thank you Lorraine, for your hard work and dedication over the years. The company would not be where it is without you.

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Shenton Group Parts Department – Searching for generator, CHP or UPS parts?

The MD and driving force of Anderson Industrial Engines, Steve Hethershaw, has joined the Shenton team full time, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in engineering, generators and engine parts. 

We are continuously looking for ways to improve our service to our clients, so this synergy couldn’t have come at a better time to ramp up our Parts department! 

Scorpion Power

Steve Hethershaw and the Meek family go way back as this is not the first time Steve has worked for the Meeks. From 1989 – 1996 Steve worked as a Parts Manager for Scorpion Generators. He played a key role in shaping the business in its early days, where the company earned its reputation for providing reliable generator solutions and technical expertise. Like his role today, Steve was the friendly, helpful voice at the end of the phone that ensured you had everything you required. 2021 sees Steve return to a much larger company that now incorporates Scorpion Generators, Merlin and Power Call into what is known today as Shenton Group, offering 360-degree, turnkey solutions to your power needs. 

Steve Heathershaw

With many years of experience working as an engineer, Steve can assist with a magnitude of technical questions, from getting the right parts, advising on the best tools to fit them and troubleshooting. You will be in safe hands. 

The Parts department is under development, and a lot of exciting ideas are being discussed, such as an online store making it easier to view and order parts. Watch this space!

Fully equipped with the parts you need!

Shenton Group’s parts department offers our clients a vast range of generator, UPS and CHP parts from filters, spark plugs, breakers, cable and all other consumable items right through to oil, fuel and spill kits. If you have something in mind that you need or require some technical assistance, get in touch today, our friendly team of technical experts are happy to help!

  • Next day delivery on ex stock products
  • Access to all engine manufacturers spares
  • Genuine & aftermarket options
  • Technical support & parts identification
  • Sound friendly advice

For all enquiries email parts@shentongroup.co.uk. Alternatively, please give us a call on +44 (0) 344 888 444 5

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Shenton Group – Aspiring to be the Industry Employer of Choice

A company is only ever as strong as its employees; a happy team equals happy clients. As you may know, we put a lot of work into creating an upbeat and safe environment that allows our employees to excel, promoting teamwork with a family feel. In recent years we have developed processes and workshops that heavily focus on enriching our employees, providing a clear road map for development, and equipping individuals with the tools to grow. 

Champions of Change

December 2019 saw us deliver the Champions of Change program, with development, engagement and support being at the heart of all we do. The enrichment program provides top training courses for personal and professional development and charity fundraising incentives to support the local community.

Champions of Change is all about looking after yourself and those around you. Community is one of the foundations of the program. Shenton Group’s goal is to have a positive impact in the industry as well as in peoples lives, giving people the opportunity to be the best they can be.

Shenton Group Champions of change

Health Care Support

Support for our employees goes further than just the workplace. 

Mental health has been getting a lot of coverage in the media, especially in these challenging times through COVID19. Our employees have access to GP services, counselling, legal assistance, all in their pocket via an app. 

Personal and Professional Development Courses

Pre pandemic, we would often have external trainers into our offices providing guidance and life skills on a range of topics. As face-to-face training isn’t an option at the moment, a number of our team have been upskilling online. Shenton Group puts significant investment into training and development, and we have some great courses in the pipeline when face-to-face training is safe once again. 

Shenton Group Champions of change

Development of our Training Station for Apprentices 

There are plans to develop a training area for new engineers and apprentices. We are a fast-growing team and have a lot of involvement with the local colleges and universities around our HQ in Hampshire. Talks of workshops and courses are in the pipeline so that young professionals can learn best practices before they head out into the field. Bridging the gap between education and the workplace is something Shenton Group are passionate about, and what better way to do it than getting involved with the local community. This is an exciting development. Watch this space!  

Industry Employer of Choice

Shenton Group is over 80 staff strong. The average time an employee stays within the team is five years, with some of our longest-serving employees having worked here for more than three decades! There are a couple of dinosaurs walking around with a lot of experience! 

We ask some employees what their experience is working at Shenton Group:

“The family feel is definitely apparent. There is a level of care and transparency throughout the company, and management do all they can to support you and your goals. This is, by far, one of the best places I have worked. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a fair number of people who do leave ask to come back.” 

Nicole Wells – Brand Manager Shenton Group

Engineer Andy Ralph suffered a heart attack and explains the support he received from Shenton Group. “I was blown away by the backing I’ve received throughout”, Andy stated. Hear Any Ralphs story.

Working With Shenton Group

By offering healthy work culture that promotes trust, integrity and development, we encourage all of our employees to flourish. Along with offering competitive staff benefits, we aim to attract the best talent. We still have a long way to go and certainly don’t claim to have everything right. However, the ‘Champions of Change’ belief and mindset is really gathering pace. Over the past year, we have seen an influx of job applications coming directly to Shenton Group. This is a step in the right direction in our journey to becoming the Industry Employer of Choice.

Are you interested in joining the team? Check out our careers page or get in touch!

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13 Years of Service…

Last month we said goodbye to a valued member of the team. Marcus Dodworth, Key Account Manager, specialising in large scale and Biogas CHP projects left on a high after completing 13 years of service at Shenton Group! Known for his meticulous attention to detail, sense of humour and love of flying planes, Marcus now spreads his wings once again, starting up a new venture within the industry. 

We thank Marcus for all of his hard work and dedication over the years. Being a keen pilot, Marcus was presented with a Shenton Group branded hand made model plane to commemorate his time with the team. Marcus was overwhelmed with the gesture. 

We asked Marcus what he would miss…

“Lots. Where to start … if I had to name one – probably the open culture that enables you to have very frank conversations even at the highest level of management, and to know that you’ll always be listened to.”

How have you found working within the Shenton team?

“It has been a great experience from start to finish. I had the opportunity to work alongside a group of professional and dedicated people, with a real passion for what we do. The collective level of capability across the whole company is significant.”

What have you enjoyed?

“The culture of the company is very much work-hard / play-hard, so I really enjoyed some of the recreational stuff that we’ve done together.

Also, the opportunity to travel to a number of different countries for work has been great fun.”

Marcus, very driven and business proud, has shared a lot of knowledge over the years and secured countless biogas CHP projects. He has educated many and provided a lot of value to the team. We thank you once again for all that you have done for Shenton Group, and we wish you the very best of luck in the future!

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Colleague Of The Month September 2020

Shenton Group has been working around the clock throughout the pandemic providing support to clients of national importance. We have engineers all over the country that have been protecting organisations from power outages. And it has been our top priority to reduce the risk of any further disruption, from what 2020 has already thrown at us. 

When things are busy or times are difficult, it can be easy to get caught in the rush. Things can get overlooked and forgotten. We use ‘Colleague Of The Month’ is a time to pause, reflect and give thanks to members of the team that have been putting in the extra mile. 

Celebrate Your Team

As a company, we understand that to keep a team strong and headed in the right direction, it is important to listen and celebrate great work. After all, behind every great team stands great individuals. This brings us to congratulate Tom O’Malley, one of our Service Engineers that covers Scotland and the North!

No one can deny that Tom O’Malley has put in the extra miles. He recently travelled 254 miles to visit a client in Stornoway from Edinburgh, a 7-hour trip one way! 

Working During COVID19

COVID19 has affected every business in one way or another. As expected, some of our engineers had to shield, but this is where we saw engineers like Tom step up. Longer journeys to clients and longer shifts really highlighted the dedication of our team.

We asked Tom about his experience of working throughout COVID19:

” It has been difficult travelling between England & Scotland with different rules; it was a bit confusing at times, along with the constant threat of COVID19. However, I have stuck firmly to the government guidance, socially distanced and appropriate PPE. It is not the most enjoyable experience to work in these conditions, but we are committed to our clients.”

Colleagues have noted that Tom goes “above and beyond his duty”.

Working for Shenton Group for nearly eight years now, Tom explains what he did before this role:

“Having served my time as a truck technician, I knew that working in a workshop was not for me and wanted to specialise into more big engines work. I worked for a power generation company rebuilding & repairing large engines around the UK and Europe where I got the bug for some paid travel!” 

“I then moved to work offshore carrying out similar works but the standing around and watching Jeremy Kyle for days on end until the chopper arrived became too much to bear, so I left and joined Shenton Group….”

Working At Shenton Group

We asked Tom how he finds working at Shenton Group:

“I’m pretty lucky working for the Generator & CHP Department. I get a lot of variation in my job role from fault finding, engine rebuilds and service work, it’s never dull. It’s a good feeling leaving site with a happy client and a running engine be it a CHP or a standby generator.

Once again Tom, we would like that thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, you are an asset to the team. Enjoy the bottle of bubbly and voucher as a token of our appreciation. 

We are currently recruiting for a number of roles on our careers page. If you would like to join our team, get in touch!

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Colleague of the Month August 2020

August 2020 sees the world still battling COVID-19; however, things are gradually becoming a new normal in England, children are back to school, and social distancing measures are in place as more and more people return to work.

Shenton Group has continued throughout the pandemic, supporting the critical sectors with reliable power. We have a strong team ethic here at Shenton Group, and there is someone in particular that we would like to thank for their hard work and dedication.

Liaising between teams and keeping the cogs turning, we say congratulations to Farley Suckling for winning colleague of the month! Farley provides administrative support and creates a solid foundation to which a lot of our internal processes rely on. 

Farley’s varied role consists of: 

  • Keeping our engineers on the road! – Booking in vehicles for services/ MOT, 
  • Ordering uniform
  • Ordering food for staff and client visits
  • Processing invoices and checking statement 

Farley fresh from college has only been with the company for just over a year. In that time she has proved to be a very driven, reliable and professional member of the team. She has started to take on more responsibility and has been providing support to our project managers. 

Raising PO’s/ Applications/ Invoice, Ordering Parts, creating manuals, Creating PWP Pack (Project Works Pack), Typing FAT/SAT documents. 

Farley said:

“Every day is enjoyable. I love having a variety of tasks, not knowing what task I will get from day to day makes it interesting and keeps me on my toes!” 

“I work across departments with different people every day; it is a great team of people. I find it interesting to see how people work, and I am always learning new things.”

Colleagues have mentioned that Farley is “always willing to help”, “has a great attitude” and “has been an important link between people working from home and the office during lockdown”.

Thanks once again for all of your hard work Farley. You are a valued member of the team, and what you do is noticed and apricated by all. Please enjoy the bottle of champagne and vouchers as a token of our appreciation. 

Are you interested in a career at Shenton Group? Visit our careers page!

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World Cogeneration Day – Cogeneration Explained by the Experts…

What is Cogeneration?

Cogeneration also known as Combined Heat & Power (CHP) is the process of electrical power generation that captures the by-product (Heat) in the form of Low-Temperature Hot Water, Steam, or chilled water (in tri-generation schemes). Cogeneration is an incredibly efficient process as it uses such a high proportion or all the heat that is generated as a result of the electricity generation. By generating power and thermal energy simultaneously, Cogeneration can reduce carbon emissions as much as 30% in comparison to conventional generation via a boiler and electricity purchased directly from the national grid. 

For Commercial and industrial clients, Cogeneration can offer significant commercial benefits. 

With current utility prices (September 2020 industrial averages), rates of return on Capital Investments can often be under 18-months simple payback. This is due to the Spark Spread (Spark Spread is simply the cost of generating on-site compared to the cost of purchasing utilities and generating thermal energy through traditional means i.e. boilers). 

How Can I Ensure ROI With CHP?

Cogeneration is sized according to site specific thermal and electrical operating profiles. The feasibility reports Shenton Group can deliver on your behalf will assess the benefits of running a thermally led or electrically led system design. We can then review the commercial implications and benefits of each system to determine the most appropriate solution for each individual client’s site. By correctly sizing the cogeneration scheme, it is possible to achieve combined electrical, thermal energy efficiency in excess of 95%. Cogeneration will provide clients a fast return on capital investment. 


Funding Schemes Available For CHP Projects

With current social and economic drivers, Shenton Group can also assist by facilitating introductions for fully funded schemes with little or zero capital investment required by clients. Funded schemes may not offer as attractive savings to an end-user, yet, with zero capital investment required a funded solution could make immediate operational savings allowing sites to focus on core production and processes. 

Cogeneration benefits include:  

  • High Electrical Efficiency
  • High thermal efficiency 
  • Low emissions 
  • Low operational costs 
  • Reduction energy costs 
  • Simple Electricity Production 
  • Greater site resilience 
  • Future-proofing sites from uncontrollable external energy factors 
  • Fast project set up and installation 

Flexible power opportunities, Combined Heat and Power can benefit a wide range of industry sectors including: 

  • Hospitals
  • Universities 
  • Data centres 
  • Farming & Agriculture 
  • Food & drink manufacture 
  • Sewage and wastewater treatment facilities 
  • Industrial 
  • Commercial building 
  • District Heating 
  • Hospitality & Leisure 

If you would like to find out how you can save money on your power bills and reduce your carbon footprint, get in contact with me today. 

Shenton Group has delivered thousands of cogeneration projects over the years and has built many long-lasting relationships. We do not just integrate great CHP solutions; we also maintain them to ensure they provide you with years reliability and savings on your energy bills. 

For a no-obligation chat, contact me today! Email paul.oneill@shentongroup.co.uk or call 0344 888 444 5.
Let’s connect on LinkedIn!

Take your first step to a greener future.

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World Cogeneration Day 2020

With the increasing need for businesses and organisations to reduce their carbon footprints, there has been ever more focus on Cogeneration or combined heat and power technology (CHP).

What is Cogeneration?

Cogeneration (also Known as Combined Heat & Power – CHP) is the process of electrical power generation that captures the by-product (Heat) which is used to produce hot water. By generating power and thermal energy simultaneously, Cogeneration can reduce carbon emissions as much as 30% in comparison to conventional generation via a boiler and electricity purchased directly from the national grid. This method of localised energy generation has become more and more common across the globe.

Hospitals, Universities, Farming & Agriculture, Food & drink manufacture, Industrial and Hospitality & Leisure are just some of the industries that are going green and benefiting from carbon and energy bill reductions.

What is World Cogeneration Day?

World Cogeneration Day, 4th of September 2020 celebrates the efforts of those in the Combined Heat and Power sector helping to deliver these outstanding solutions. COVID-19 has put a massive strain on the global economy. It has proved challenging and more important than ever to keep the lights on and businesses functioning. Shenton Group acknowledges the individuals who have been out supporting businesses in this difficult time where most have been shielding. We thank you in your efforts and dedication.

Curtis Meek Sales & Marketing Director Shenton Group notes:

“We have a commitment to our clients, to provide reliable CHP solutions that are best fit for their needs, that provide optimal energy efficiency and the best ROI. Our team have continued to provide these critical services, ensuring power reliability and security.”

Are you interested to see what Cogeneration projects we have been working on? Get in touch or view our case studies on our website. 

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July 2020 Colleague of the Month Goes To…

Things have started to become the new normal. Some people are still working from home, but others are now back in the office and in the field (socially distancing of course!)

There is one engineer in particular that has been working hard throughout this testing time. Continuing to provide a quality service to our clients and being a great team player whilst workload has been high.

This leads us to say a big thank you and congratulations to Graeme Wilson, one of our Projects Engineers! Graeme is a technical expert on the generator side of the business, with 35 years of experience, there isn’t much he hasn’t seen or fixed!

Fresh out of school, Graeme started his career in the Royal Navy where he trained as a Marine Engineer (mechanical and electrical).

These days you will find him shooting around the country assisting with complex installations and repair works on generators, some times staying away overnight. If you have a call-out at 3 am, it might be Graeme’s friendly face that rushes to your assistance. Rest assured, once on-site; it won’t be long before you are back with power again!

Graeme’s main area of expertise is system integration for control panels. He is also on hand to assist with site surveys and tech calls.

Colleagues have noted Graeme to be a “fountain of knowledge who is always willing to share his valuable experiences and things he has learned.”

He has also been recognised for the generator commissioning works he completed at ****** Airport, fixing switchboard defects at a health care site, and integrating a new control system for a backup power supply for another airport.

We thank you once again for all of your hard work, dedication and value you bring to the Shenton Group team. You have inspired many over your 12 years of service here, and we are pleased to have you onboard providing our clients with a professional service for years to come.

Are you interested in a career with us? Visit our careers page.

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June 2020 Colleague Of The Month!

It has been a difficult time during COVID-19 for a lot of businesses. It has put a strain on a lot of relationships and has tested teams. On a more positive note, it has also highlighted truly committed individuals that have pulled together to make things work, which brings us to say a massive congratulations to Ruth Armit from Credit Control who has won June 2020’s colleague of the month! 

Knowing how critical cash flow is at present and considering that every business is in the same boat, Ruth has been working away, trying to ensure everyone pays on or before due dates if they can.

Ruth explains: “Some of our customers are great – I never have to chase them. Others, I’m convinced, wait until I do! The most satisfying part is when I see the figure I’ve been chasing in the Bank!”

Ruth has worked for Shenton Group for three years now. We ask her what she enjoys most about her role:

“I enjoy working with the very varied clientele we have – from multi-national companies to farmers.”

Ruth, we thank you for all of your hard work and dedication; many people throughout the organisation have noticed your efforts. We hope you enjoy your well-deserved bottle of bubbly and vouchers!

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