Why Use Shenton Group BIM Models?

Shenton Group produces a diverse range of Generators and CHP units that provide electricity and or hot water to an array of clients and sectors across the UK.

As we have seen in the past, relying solely on conventional methods such as the National grid poses threats of power loss. Shenton Group provides alternative on-site power continuity solutions to ensure you stay connected. 

Shenton Group has an extensive portfolio of unit sizes range from; 7kw to 2300kw for CHP’s and 20KVA to 3200kVA for Generators. Helping you every step of the way is our technical team! We have a dedicated design department that creates quality BIM models and BIM families to enable your projects to run efficiently and to ensure you get the correct solution for your needs. 

World-class Design Creating Efficiencies For Space Planning

At Shenton Group, we are renowned for delivering technical solutions and efficiencies at a whole new level, from concept to completion.

As technology has evolved, Shenton Group has taken strategic steps to keep at the forefront of technological advancements, in the use of Computer-aided design (CAD) and Building information modelling (BIM), making Shenton Group the go-to company when it comes to Revit downloads of combined heat and power (CHP) and Generator units & accessories.

From our drawings, we have produced Revit Generator and CHP BIM models that you can incorporate into your RVT central models for space planning.

Shenton Group Generators consists of an engine, alternator, and cooling system, with the CHP units having an additional heat exchange system, all housed within a canopy for easy installation.  

The CHP models produced include: 

  • Ducting connections for the inlet
  • Outlet of the circulatory cooling air for the system
  • Connection for the Gas input
  • Primary and secondary flanges for the heat exchange
  • flue flange connection

Including the items above in our BIM families allows you to add other families to them easily.

CHP buffer vessels produced for your Revit models

The heat that is produced by the CHP is a by-product of the power generated; it is used to generate hot water via the heat exchangers within the unit, this hot water may be used for heating or domestic hot water.

When the hot water created by the unit is not required immediately, it can be stored in a buffer vessel to be used at a later date.

The buffer vessel(s) which we physically provide to clients if required, can also be used in your Revit models, designed by Shenton Group as a Revit family to suit your requirements.

9 Benefits Of Using Shenton Group Models

  1. Shenton Group’s BIM and Revit files are FREE to download
  2. Not sure what model you need? Our dedicated team of engineers can help you select the correct model for your requirements.
  3. Cost savings and workflow is accelerated – by downloading readymade Revit families; you do not have to spend valuable time modelling.
  4. Shenton Group BIM objects are highly technical and have been produced using exact dimensions.
  5. With Revit connectors in their exact place, MEP services and piping can be calculated correctly.
  6. Air and water flow directions are indicated on the CHP Revit families.
  7. Shenton Group models come with a maintenance zone, so you know how much unobstructed space is required around the Generators, enabling higher accuracy when space planning.
  8. Shenton Group Revit objects can be reused, improving drawing office efficiency.
  9. Shenton Group BIM objects come fully populated with the Generator technical data.

Get The Competitive Edge On Projects

Shenton Group BIM objects and Revit files enable BIM managers to evaluate floor space and height requirements, to show consultants and other contractors 3D views of exactly how the equipment is installed, with accurate machine data. So, the advantages of using Shenton Group models is that it gives you a competitive edge from design to completion of a project. 

Installers are able to view in 3D, using Revit, Navisworks Manager or Navisworks Freedom the layout and pipe runs, how and where electrical cable trays are to be installed, and if there will be any issues on-site during the installation even before the building work begins, saving contractors time and money from the start.

Shenton Group Support

FREE BIM Models for Download

Shenton Group Revit families are FREE to download, to help improve productivity for Consultants, Architects and Project Designers.

Click here to view our BIM models

FREE Site Surveys

Shenton Group will review your site and provide detailed feasibility reports. This will give you a better understanding of what your power and energy requirements are and what solution would be the best fit saving you time and money. Click to request a site survey.

Dedicated Project Manager providing a complete turnkey solution

A dedicated project manager to help see the project through, from detailed Revit family design to full RVT Revit project file production, to physical installation of the real parts.

Shenton Group has been providing power solutions since 1982 across every sector. To ensure you choose the right equipment for the application and power demands, speak to our technical experts. 

From initial design support with CHP or Generator BIM and Revit files to the ongoing support and maintenance of your fully integrated solution on-site, we can ensure you have what you need. 

To discuss any of our CHP or Generator options and BIM objects, why not give our team a call, and we will be happy to assist.

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