ATS panels or automatic transfer switch panels are used in combination with standby generators to automate the switch between the mains power sources and a generator in an outage or blackout.

An ATS panel ensures that you do not have to manually switch to an alternative power supply, such as a backup generator in the event of a power outage. An ATS will automatically switch to another power supply, reducing the risk of data loss, damage to electrical equipment or any disruption to a business or facility. 

The ATS panel monitors the incoming AC mains supply so that should there be a blackout or brownout, the electrical load is transferred to the standby generator, and when the mains power is restored the ATS switch returns the building back to the mains supply, and shuts down the backup generator. 

Using an Automatic Transfer Panel for Safety Reasons

An automatic transfer switch is installed as part of any generator project where there is a mains supply, to not only protect data and electrical equipment but for the safe automatic transfer of electrical load. The fact that this process is completed automatically prevents the risk of human error where the consequences could be fatal.

ATS – Preventing Power Loss

The benefit of an auto system over a manual is the ATS panel moves the electrical load without the input of any manual process, saving any issues with loss of power. The automated transfer switch and associated control system senses the mains supply issue and starts the backup generator, in the event of a failure.

Without ATS panels, organisations would have to manually change over from mains to the generator and therefore suffer a longer break in the electricity supply. They would also be reliant on having the correct engineer available to carry out this task.

ATS Panel Pros

While a manual panel might be a cheaper option, there is no doubt that the pros of choosing an ATS outweigh the cons.

  • Avoid the hassle of switching the system on when the mains fails and you need the generator
  • Avoid having to manually start the generator
  • Nobody has to be stationed nearby to start the generator when there is a blackout
  • Enjoy the automatic restoration of power in a number of seconds!
  • Protect essential electrical hardware that needs a continuous power supply and is reliant on a backup generator.

ATS Panel Manufacturers

Shenton Group designs and manufacturers ATS panels, ensuring that the continuous power solutions we provide operate superfluously, linking ATS, UPS and standby generators.

Aside from turnkey generator solutions, which may include elements such as ATS panels, switchgear and of course, automatic transfer switches, Shenton Group offer remote monitoring systems and ongoing maintenance plans. This means you can operate safe in the knowledge that your backup generator and associated equipment is in working order for when you most need it.

If you are wondering what type of ATS panel you require for your application or need assistance in connecting an ATS to your existing setup, why not get in touch and we can properly assess your needs and help you find the perfect solution.

What Is the Difference Between ATS and AMF Panels?

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) and Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) panels both switch an electrical load from normal supply to a standby generator supply, and back to the mains when required and are in effect just different terminology for the same thing.

An ATS Panel Solution for Amazon Distribution Centre

After an initial assessment, Shenton Group provided a 275kVA generator to an Amazon distribution centre and as part of the project, to ensure seamless generator changeover, a 400A ATS (automatic transfer switch).

For more information about any ATS Panel or generator solutions, get in touch with our technical experts today, and we will be happy to provide you with the best course of action for your premises.

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