With same-day delivery now expected as the norm, the UK has seen tremendous investment in distributions centres. Along with many of the largest logistical companies, Amazon has invested heavily in their infrastructure of distribution centres up and down the country. With location being of paramount importance to any Distribution Centre, the Milton Keynes area is becoming a hive of logistical activity.

Having worked on many Amazon projects over the years, Shenton Group was again employed by the appointed Mechanical and Electrical Contractor to design, supply, and install the standby generator for the Milton Keynes Amazon DC in Magna Park. 


After assessing the power requirements, it was decided that a 275kVA generator would be necessary to support the essential loads in the event of a mains failure. Shenton Group designed, manufactured, installed and commissioning the complete standby power system. The 275kVA generator was installed on anti-vibration mounts in a bespoke enclosure to achieve the required noise level of 75 dB(A) @ 1 meter. The enclosure was fitted out with lighting, small power distribution, an electronic fire shutdown protection devise and an alarm panel. 

Due to the specification, Shenton Group also supplied a 1500 litre bulk fuel tank which was connected in a direct flow and return configuration to the generator. This meant that in the event of a power outage the generator could run for over 24 hours without needing to be refuelled. To ensure that the generator changeover would work seamlessly in the event of a mains failure, we were also contracted to supply the 400A ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch). The generator enclosure was also colour matched to the facilities blue as requested by the client.

As with any critical power project, our project manager oversaw the delivery and positioning on site, first fill of fuel, commissioning of the system and issuing of the manuals.


Amazon is now assured that they have a reliable back up power supply in place that will spring into action when they need it. 

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