Data centres are required to be up and running constantly, even when there is a loss of power, as they are so vital in allowing us access to key information across a wide sector of industries including IT and telecoms. A UPS acts as a failsafe, bridging the gap when the mains are down to ensure that data centres can still function.

Modern society is heavily reliant upon connectivity and the internet so data centres require continuous power to keep our data safe, secure and accessible. The vast majority of data centres incorporate UPS in their electrical distribution set up to make certain that there is power available to all of the electrical equipment in the event of a mains power outage.

What Is a UPS in a Data Centre and How Does It Work?

An uninterruptable power supply system forms a key component of a backup power set up in a data centre, managing power fluctuations and protects from power outages that would otherwise cause untold damage. Essentially, in the event of a power outage, a UPS will retain the power to all of your electrical equipment by switching from the mains to battery power seamlessly whilst your generator is notified and starts up. As the generator starts up there is a short delay, the UPS provides continuous power during that time.

Once the generator is ready, the generator then replaces the mains power. If you do not have a standby generator, a UPS will provide enough power to keep things online for a short duration.

Stable Power For Your Data Centre

Data centres require a stable and secure power supply to ensure they operate smoothly at all times. Specialist UPS systems for data centres stabilise the voltage and control the mains supply to protect your IT system from spikes and dips which can be damaging to your hardware.

Uninterruptible Power Supply at Data Centres

Benefits of Data Centre UPS Power Supply Sourced From Shenton

At Shenton Group, we have an extensive range of high efficiency UPS solutions, whether you are looking to add to your existing power back up options or you need to create a bespoke set up to ensure you have a constant power supply for your data centre. We not only supply to data centres but also server farms, telecommunications companies and IT networks, insurers, banks and other finance focused enterprises. 

Key Benefits of Choosing Shenton Group:

  • Shenton Group’s technical expertise and experience ensure you get the right solution that will meet your unique needs and will protect you from outages, spikes and surges so you can be worry free.
  • Shenton Group UPS maintenance contracts provide added security to all your IT systems and data. Should there be a fault, the Shenton Group support team are available 24/7 (depending on your contract). With support depots across the country, one of our engineers is always close by.
  • Shenton Group maintenance contracts can feature remote monitoring meaning some issues can be spotted by the Shenton team and resolved before they cause a malfunction, further reducing any chances of downtime.

Energy Efficient UPS Data Centres

Data centre operators need to be aware of energy efficiency and minimising their carbon footprint. Shenton Group offers a consultancy service that reviews your facility and all of your power usage. They can advise, design and integrate the most energy efficient solution that in the will save you money and provide you with added power security. This, in turn, could reduce your carbon footprint as well as provide more bang for your buck.

Request a FREE Site Survey

Our experts can visit your site and will take into account your specific requirements and help you select a UPS that can efficiently manage the operating load of your facility, not just its fully rated capacity.

Limited Space For a UPS? No Problem!

We understand that space in a Data Centre comes at a premium with server racks generating more revenue than a UPS system. Shenton Group’s technical experience of varied project installations means we work with you to ensure the best solution not only for continuous power requirement but also how to ensure the space for the UPS is used as efficiently as possible making us a leading supplier to the market.   

If you would like to learn more about UPS, check out our overview article about uninterruptible power supply.

Let’s Have a Conversation About UPS For Your Data Centre

Any expert supplier that provides uninterruptible power supplies and generator installations such as Shenton Group will offer advice that takes into account environmental issues, safety regulations and legislation on top of sourcing you the most fitting UPS setup for your data centre.

Speak to our team of experts and we will be happy to assist.

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