Having earned the moniker of the UK’s Leading Technical Experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat & Power Systems, Andover-based shentongroup has developed the very first integrated UPS, storage, efficiency and automated energy asset synchronisation and optimisation solution, bringing affordable, high quality continuous power to the market place.

solar-fieldPower Go comprises LYNC SECURE, shentongroup’s uninterruptible power and energy efficiency system; LYNC DR, which as like LYNC SECURE but with demand response; and AUTOLYNC, shentongroup’s patented microgrid controls technology. Speaking of the forthcoming November 1st Power Go launch, shentongroup Managing Director, Jody Meek commented: “Our company has been on the cusp of UPS and battery technology for many years now and, as we’ve witnessed and helped these technologies progress, Power Go is now a reality, bringing you the first integrated UPS, energy storage, energy efficiency and synchronisation and optimisation solution. Now, the consumer really is in control with a truly reliable source of continuous power, protecting from faltering National Grid reserve power levels and guaranteeing to keep all types of organisation and locations fully online, fully in service and fully in business”.

battery-backupsPower Go builds upon the established USA-based Go Electric. With headquarters in Anderson, Indiana at the Flagship Enterprise Center and with offices in Brooklyn and Honolulu, the company’s ‘customer-side-of-the-meter’ battery energy storage solutions have accrued satisfied customers across the United States. A 1MW/1MWh grid-tied battery storage system was recently supplied to the Tooele Army Depot in Utah, as well as a microgrid project at the Fort Custer Center in Michigan. The latter was a $499,506 project funded by the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program, a Department of Defence program for promoting the transfer of proven initiative technologies into field use.

shentongroup began it’s continuous power journey in the early 1980’s when it developed the capability of producing high quality diesel generators. As the continuous energy market blossomed, so too to did shentongroup as it embraced and developed standby generator technologies, combined heat and power systems and of course, uninterruptible power supplies.

Power Go presents itself as the first true consumer-focussed integrated solution for uninterruptible power, energy storage, energy efficiency and automated energy asset synchronisation and optimisation, offering peak lopping, UPS, battery charging during low energy tariffs, solar PV integration and STOR and Demand Response participation.

For more information on Power Go, visit www.powergo.co.uk


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