shentongroup, the UK’s Leading Technical Experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat & Power Systems is upgrading customers to it’s HawkEye2 remote monitoring platform; a 24 hours-per-day, 365 days-a-year fully automated system with SMS and voicemail support.

HawkEye2 dials imageAs the country’s National Grid fails to deliver robust and reliable energy supplies, power-critical organisations are taking control of their own energy supplies in increasing numbers. To ensure that their standby generators are in optimum condition and primed for performance whenever National Grid mains power fails, shentongroup’s HawkEye2 remote monitoring brings them real-time analysis and reporting.

From simple modem-based systems, through to sophisticated web-based monitoring, HawkEye2 provides fully-automatic, 24/7 operation. A continuous monitoring of generator conditions allows shentongroup to conduct remote fault rectification and to dispatch an engineer in a timely manner, averting any generator downtime.

back up power for residential homesshentongroup Technical Director, Derek Barry, elaborates on HawkEye2 features: “The system that we have developed, not only continuously monitors client generators, but also automatically starts your generator once per week, running it for ten minutes to ascertain voltage, frequency, oil and water temperatures, battery condition, emergency stop and fuel levels. SMS and voicemail reports are then sent to shentongroup, assuring us that client’s generators will be in prime condition for any future demands”.

HawkEye2 relays a broad report of real-time variables directly to shentongroup HQ in Andover and shentongroup customers have the opportunity to download their own mobile device monitoring app. To learn more, visit


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