Have you ever considered the impact of turning up at work and finding there is no power? For many business owners, the fact that the lights come on and the equipment works without a hitch is something taken for granted. Even to businesses with less obvious risk, power cuts are hugely disruptive but there are options available to safeguard your power supply.

Free Site Surveys to Establish Your Power Requirements

A free visit to your site from Shenton Group to conduct a power survey is hugely beneficial. Our experienced team will assess the risks posed to your business and highlight the vulnerabilities that you potentially have. For many clients we visit, they are simply not aware that there may be a power continuity issue, which is completely understandable. Businesses mainly focus on the day-to-day operation of their facility, and so our power testing and audit service can help overcome and prevent any future problems when it comes to power.  

For clients in the healthcare sector, such as hospitals and care homes, provisions are generally already in place to protect the lives of patients or residents, while those in the financial sector also tend to be aware of the importance of protecting their infrastructure. Clients from these industries are more likely to contact us about what backup power options are the best fit for them, maintenance, or improving the efficiency of their current solution as they understand the value of power continuity.

Rental Generator Being Towed

Impact of Power Failure on Your Business

Outside of healthcare and finance, the impact of power loss may cause untold damage to the reputation of your organisation and leave you falling short of customer expectations.

Do you require lighting or heating to function in your facility? Telephones, computers and other technology all rely on power, and these devices are essential in offering services such as taking bookings, accepting payments and taking care of customers or guests. Likewise, a powerless office means issues with access, lifts and security, and machinery may come to a halt in a manufacturing location. For online retailers, supermarkets and high street stores picking, packing and restocking will be paused, as was the case for a recent client of ours who had to shut down for the day after a leak caused a power outage. They gave us a call and we were able to provide a solution that enabled them to re-open the next day.

Picture the scene, it’s the rush before Christmas, those on the night shift are tirelessly working away on a windy, wintery evening and the power cuts out. The lights go off, the alarms are triggered, work halts and the couriers due to come and collect your stock can’t get in through the entrance. Customer promises are being broken and the fall out could be huge; your reputation ruined and masses of money lost. However, all of this is avoidable.

The Power Options Available

In order to overcome ‘brownouts’, where power dips for a second or two causing disruption, ‘glitches’ where the power drops out for a matter of minutes, and complete ‘power cuts’ that last for hours, we have an array of short and long term solutions to fit every need and budget.

As part of a free site survey, if a permanent onsite generator looks to be the best power solution for your requirements, our dedicated team will run through all of the details and provide an estimation of the cost, plus explain how we will support you throughout the project and ensure correct integration into your facility.

A permanent generator isn’t the only option, a national generator delivery network such as Power Call will ensure a temporary generator is on site in a under 3 hours from the enquiry. With unlimited call outs throughout the year for a low cost-effective monthly subscription, this option is very popular. Or if you need a generator on site for a longer period of time, you can hire one.

Power solutions are best discussed in depth, with the costs weighed up and all the advice considered. A site assessment to review your power continuity plan costs absolutely nothing and is conducted by an experienced Shenton Group engineer. We will help you consider what works, and any limitations and considerations you may not have thought about, such as fuel types, acoustics and loads. Shenton Group will provide a new outlook as to how best to secure your power continuity moving forwards.

Have a Backup Power System In Place? Get it Health Checked

Shenton Engineer Inspects Generator

If you have a backup power system in place, you may already have benefited from a generator that restores power in under thirty seconds and never need to wait on the delivery of a generator for power to be restored. However, as a depreciating asset, a generator will require regular testing and maintenance for it to perform efficiently during an emergency.

Maintenance Contracts

Shenton Group is equipped to look after any model of generator, as well as any UPS or CHP system you may have in place. We provide clients with choices based on their budget and individual requirements, such as fixed cost contracts delivering an all-inclusive approach, or lower-cost contracts which cater for added extras when required.

With nationwide coverage, a 24/7 help desk and complete monitoring of your generator available, leave the power in our capable hands. Call Shenton Group about a Free Site Survey or Generator Maintenance.

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