Our reliable rental backup generators have been in high demand in the last few months, with many facilities under greater pressure to ensure their power supplies are secure, while temporary locations requiring power have been installed UK wide to help cope with the impact of COVID-19.

Assisting a Retail Client

As we entered the initial lockdown period, there was considerable strain put on some retailers to cope with the demand of customers buying in bulk, with shelves left empty up and down the UK.

One retail client called us when they had to close the store after they had a leak and power failed. Within 2-3 hours, we had a rental engineer and team leader on-site to arrange a same-day solution, which meant the power was back up and running by 4 pm, allowing the store to open the doors the following day to continue trade.

The retail distribution giant required a 1250kVA temporary generator solution for a month to help them with skyrocketing demand.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, the store was then closed and most of their staff Furloughed. We then downsized the rental generator to a 500kVA as only essentials such as freezers, lights and security cameras needed to be powered. This solution provided fuel and cost savings to the client as the generator is running 24/7.

Generator Rental Solutions for Multiple Sectors

Short and long term hire

Our team are more than happy to find a power solution for a period that suits your needs. We provide rental generators for use on a single day, right through to providing clients with a generator to rent for a few years, and we can support and maintain the generator throughout the rental agreement too.

Shenton Rental Generator Transportation

Assistance for a Care Home

We took a 500kVA rental generator to Richmond Care Villages for a day’s worth of testing. The COVID situation drove the decision to make sure that the care home could backup their whole complex should there be an issue with their mains power supply. Keen to safeguard their residents during the pandemic, they sought our expertise and we were able to help them understand the different solutions on offer, including our emergency power service Power Call, a subscription based services that provides unlimited generator call outs 24/7 at no extra cost. 

The variety of sectors we help extends to the government – having provided a rental generator to a military base in Wiltshire to run their incinerator. Our experience in helping MOD clients also led to us conducting some power continuity testing at the same military facility.

Additional projects have included providing a rental power solution for a hotel in South Milford, supplying them with 1250kVA generator for around a month while they conducted maintenance work on their switchgear. Our team also recently deployed a smaller 30kVA generator for another client for a period of 2 years to provide a power solution for a workshop.

Power Continuity in Times of Uncertainty

First and foremost, the biggest change in the nature of work carried out by Shenton Group has been handling enquiries from temporary hospitals, medical facilities and testing stations throughout the UK.

We continue to maintain, monitor and take responsibility for a number of Generators, UPSs and CHPs on key NHS sites, education campuses, national water boards, and data centres, all regarded as sectors of national importance. This work has now evolved into supporting temporary healthcare facilities too.

Shenton Generators

Many clients, new and old, have also used the lockdown period as a window of opportunity to review their power solutions. The pandemic has resulted in action across some sectors to review their backup power options and has pushed the demand for generator testing and maintenance while staff are off-site. Our team have been out and about putting quotes together for a variety of clients to help them remove ‘reliable power supply’ from their list of concerns.

Moving Forwards

While many outdoor events reliant on generator hire planned for the summer ahead have been cancelled, such as weddings and festivals, other opportunities have come about with more sectors taking power solutions more seriously.

Working with some very large clients on backup power solutions, we have built more relationships with construction contractors, working on huge distribution centre projects for retail and online shopping giants. Our knowledge and expertise in power solutions have potentially opened the door to new and exciting future projects.

During COVID-19, many clients identified Shenton Group as a key supply partner and requested that we remain open and operating. Shenton Group’s engineers have been operating, and continue to operate, around the country on these key sites, albeit in slightly reduced numbers in accordance with the government guidelines.

Get In Touch

No matter which sector you operate in, the power supply is essential, especially at times when there is added strain on the National Grid. Whether you need additional power security during the next few months, or you would like to embrace minimal disruption to your day-to-day operation while staff are off-site, we can help you enhance your power solutions. Call us today.

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