Power outages never come at a convenient time, especially for businesses where it can cause huge levels of disruption with work coming to a halt, equipment shutting off and everybody left scratching their head as to what to do next. However, there are solutions to deal with power outages that can meet your exact requirements and fall in line with your budget.

Depending on the industry you operate in, your power security levels can vary. Some businesses can simply not afford any downtime and a power outage would be a total disaster, whereas some other operations can cope with a temporary loss of power.

By getting in touch with a technical expert such as Shenton Group, you can rest assured that the advice and solutions on offer will match your business requirements so that in the event of a loss of power, the disruption will be minimal, or even have no impact on your business at all.

Finding the Right Power Outage Backup System

Consulting our team of experts and getting a FREE site survey will ensure that you receive sound advice from a company who have operated in the world of power solutions for over 30 years. We will take the time to review your facility and setup, as well as answering any questions you may have.

We have helped clients across an abundance of sectors, from retail giants to data centres, providing them with solutions that protect their businesses and properties from power outages. At Shenton Group, we will help you find the correct solution for your requirements. Below we have covered the various solutions on offer.

Shenton Power Solutions

Emergency Call Out Power Solutions

An onsite permanent generator is not always the best solution for businesses where constant power is non-essential. If an outage would cause some level of disruption but nothing critical, there is no need to spend money on a permanent backup system.

The solution recommended for this type of client would be Power Call.

Power Call is a unique emergency generator callout service which has an average response time of just 100 minutes where ever you are based in the UK, Power Call does not prevent power loss, but for a small monthly fee, you will have total round-the-clock support with unlimited emergency call outs for power cuts. This means you have access to reliable back-up power when you need it most.

We appreciate keeping costs down is essential for smaller businesses and facilities such as care homes, and so an on-demand service with 24-hour, 365 days a year cover provides your business with an effective power security solution. 

The next steps for a business where a short power outage is manageable would be to speak to a Shenton Group technical expert. If an average response time of just 100 minutes and unlimited emergency call outs sounds appealing to you, Power Call is the solution you are looking for! Get in contact today for more information or read what our clients think of the service:

Backup Power Solutions – Power Back in Seconds

For businesses that can only accommodate a handful of seconds’ drop in power, such as retail locations, an on-site backup generator is more suitable. While a generator starts up to take the full electrical load, there will be a brief gap when there is no access to power, but things are soon up and running as normal.

We can offer expert technical advice to ensure that you are provided with a generator that will keep commercial properties functioning. Retail, sport and leisure complexes rely on continuous power to ensure that their locations remain operational and so in the event of a mains failure, a backup power supply will kick into life in a matter of seconds to keep tills ringing and customers happy.

For a business that requires a backup power solution with a quick reconnection to a power supply, the next steps would involve a FREE site survey to understand your requirements. We offer a full backup generator service to help alleviate the worries of power outages, including an initial site survey, the design and manufacture of your generator, as well as the install, testing and future maintenance of it.

Backup Power Generator On Site

UPS Systems for Critical Power Supplies – Continuous Power

For some businesses, there can never be a drop in power. An outage is simply not an option.

As industry-leading technical experts, we pride ourselves on working with clients who cannot afford to be hit by any form of power outage, which is why we offer uninterruptible power supply solutions, perfect for businesses and facilities where power is critical.

Without a UPS, there is a delay while the backup generator starts in an incident of power outage. In some scenarios this would be a disaster, such as in data centres, hospitals and military locations. A UPS system bridges the gap, preventing a loss of power while the generator starts up to provide a sufficient power supply to your property and equipment.

Customers who need a UPS should get in touch and speak to our expert consultants about our solutions. We can then get to work safeguarding your critical power supply and ensure you power security is handled professionally.

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