Together with all financial organisations, banks must have a reliable continuous power supply. Security, communications, and of course, data integrity, depend wholeheartedly on continuous power supplies.

The challenge…
With the increasing mains failures, a well-known banking chain needed to better their contingency plan. They had a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) but this wasn’t going to be enough if there with the risk of extended power outages.

Densely populated areas where space is at a premium, some companies do not have the room to accommodate a standby generator.

The bank was keen to address an effective power management strategy.

The solution…
The bank selected Shenton Group’s Power Call service, a cost-effective and space-saving solution. It negates the need for large capital expenditure on a permanent standby generator. The Power call service is subscription based and provides you with a standby generator on an emergency callout basis.

When a power cut occurs, the banks Uninterruptible Power Supply instantly steps in to supply battery backup power. Meanwhile, Power Call’s 24/7 control room despatches a generator from a local depot.

Upon arrival, the Shenton Group engineer connects the emergency generator to a pre-fitted connection point and advises the customer to switch over to the generator. An indicator lamp is fitted to the changeover switch to advise the customer when the mains power is restored. The solution we provided means that the organisation will experience zero power downtime in the event of mains power failure without the capital outlay of a permanent standby generator.

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