Things have started to become the new normal. Some people are still working from home, but others are now back in the office and in the field (socially distancing of course!)

There is one engineer in particular that has been working hard throughout this testing time. Continuing to provide a quality service to our clients and being a great team player whilst workload has been high.

This leads us to say a big thank you and congratulations to Graeme Wilson, one of our Projects Engineers! Graeme is a technical expert on the generator side of the business, with 35 years of experience, there isn’t much he hasn’t seen or fixed!

Fresh out of school, Graeme started his career in the Royal Navy where he trained as a Marine Engineer (mechanical and electrical).

These days you will find him shooting around the country assisting with complex installations and repair works on generators, some times staying away overnight. If you have a call-out at 3 am, it might be Graeme’s friendly face that rushes to your assistance. Rest assured, once on-site; it won’t be long before you are back with power again!

Graeme’s main area of expertise is system integration for control panels. He is also on hand to assist with site surveys and tech calls.

Colleagues have noted Graeme to be a “fountain of knowledge who is always willing to share his valuable experiences and things he has learned.”

He has also been recognised for the generator commissioning works he completed at ****** Airport, fixing switchboard defects at a health care site, and integrating a new control system for a backup power supply for another airport.

We thank you once again for all of your hard work, dedication and value you bring to the Shenton Group team. You have inspired many over your 12 years of service here, and we are pleased to have you onboard providing our clients with a professional service for years to come.

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