According to Open Access Government, a recent survey found that 23% of IT professionals reported that one hour of business downtime cost their organisations between £10,000 and £1 million. Across the healthcare sector, power outages are even more unthinkable. With lives at risk, how can organisations ensure that their Standby Generators are ready for action and that they will perform to optimum standards?

Maintenance & Monitoring Services Continuous power systems can be one of the most significant investments an organisation can make, but to ensure that Standby Generators, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat & Power Systems perform when they are needed most, they must be maintained.

shentongroup’s Maintenance and Monitoring division comprises a truly nationwide network of depots and engineers who provide a maintenance and support contract to suit every type and every size of organisation, and at any location throughout the country. With all services managed directly and in-house by shentongroup, clients enjoy one single point-of-contact for seamless service and support.

Standby Generators and CHP systems are certainly designed to perform year after year, but like any sophisticated piece of engineering, they require care, attention and maintenance to ensure their optimal performance. Throughout the year, an array of maintenance tasks need to be undertaken to guarantee that generators and Combined Heat & Power systems support the services for which they were intended, and that’s where shentongroup’s Maintenance and Monitoring division comes in.

With all shentongroup generator maintenance contracts, a standard and major service is included, with the option of parts, consumables and refuelling. For organisations with extremely power critical services, such as Data Centres, Ministry of Defence, Pharmaceutical, Cold Storage and Healthcare and Medical; 24/7 emergency response and technical support provides heightened assurances.

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In addition to servicing, parts and support, shentongroup’s maintenance contracts can also include oil sampling, fuel polishing, emergency refuelling, as well as upgrade works and switchgear servicing. However, for elevated support and increased peace-of-mind, consider shentongroup’s Hawkeye2 remote monitoring system which comes with our Maxicare Plus and Power Care Premier contracts. HawkEye2 continually monitors your Standby Generator, sending real-time analysis directly to our engineers. Any potential issues are identified and rectified well in advance of them posing any threat to optimal operations. HawkEye2 also starts your generator once each week and then generates a report, sending it to both our engineers and clients via email or GMS. We also have our own CHP equivalent called Infinium which offers similar levels of remote monitoring and support.

Our flexible maintenance contracts are tailored to your needs. Whether you would like a fixed-cost contract where all services and parts are inclusive, or wether you would prefer a lower monthly cost and to pay for additional extras as-and-when-required, we have options to suit all requirements.

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To find out even more and to fully understand how you can achieve a level of support that guarantees no lapse in your services, click here to speak to a member of the UK’s leading technical experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat & Power Systems.

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