CHP maintenance contracts

Infinium – shentongroup is TEDOM’s sole authorised supplier and servicing specialist in the UK and Ireland, installing and maintaining countless Power Therm CHP power generators around Great Britain and Eire.

To make sure your combined heat and power supply is performing at maximum operating efficiency – and so delivering the best return on your investment – you should arrange regular services and maintenance.

Infinium offers reliability and performance of combined heat and power on a managed basis – it’s a CHP remote monitoring technology, running 24 hours a day. All critical data is logged and sent to shentongroup live via the Internet and any components returned to us through routine renewal are analysed against their factory specification for performance and condition. By verifying performance of components against prediction, TEDOM can continue to develop best-in-class CHP systems.

The real beauty of Infinium CHP maintenance is its fixed cost. The whole ethos behind Power Therm CHP systems is economical power generation – and that includes CHP maintenance. So you get an 8,000-hour contract charged at a fixed hourly rate that covers all parts, labour, travel, fuels, engineers’ accommodation and sundries.

There is a minimum annual charge of 2,000 hours. It makes predictable budgeting easy and as each year passes you’re likely to save even more money – because mains power and fuel prices typically rise, whereas your good-as-new Power Therm CHP generator will be performing just as well as when we first installed it.

And we don’t just service and maintain TEDOM Power Therm CHP units; our expert engineers ensure the integrity of a variety of alternative combined heat and power generators, so get in touch today for CHP servicing you can stake your company on.

Scheduled visits
All standard services
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Extended warranty  
Parts included
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Next working day preliminary response to mission critical issues
24/7 machine data collection
Permanently live remote monitoring
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