In times of need, being able to call upon a power generator rental service is hugely important to many industries, allowing them to work in the knowledge that should the power supply cut off; there is a backup plan and they will still be able to function. However, when looking into a power generator rental supplier, what should you consider?

24/7 Generator Support

A power outage may occur at any given moment, including late at night, over the weekend or during the festive period. In fact, during the Christmas holidays, there is often more power used than at any other time of the year. For those who need access to temporary backup power urgently, you must choose a provider who is on hand to assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Access to a helpful account manager and skilled engineers is pivotal, as you won’t want to be waiting an entire weekend for power to be restored. For those reliant on an electricity supply, be certain that help is always available.

Rapid Emergency Response Times

Aside from having someone to take your call in the UK at any time of day or night, emergency power generators need to be on site quickly. For instance, if a care home loses power, to ensure residents care is maintained power needs to be restored ASAP. Shenton Group offers an average response time of 100 minutes, for a fixed monthly fee via Power Call. With no call out fees and rapid response, a power generator is only ever a phone call away.

UK Wide Generator Hire Coverage

Great news, you’ve found an emergency power generator provider, not so great – the supplier is at the other end of the country. Customers who rely on power may want/need to find an emergency backup power company with service locations close by.

Shenton Group Generator Hire Locations

Shenton Group is the trusted power generator supplier to a whole host of companies and organisations and provides national support. We have 11 offices and service depots UK wide allowing us to service the whole country with short turnaround time, no matter how remote. Local knowledge helps to ensure that when you need power, our engineers will be with you quickly and will have the generator hire equipment ready for you to utilise.

Emergency Backup Power Equipment

It is beneficial for you to choose a power provider that has a range of generators and power equipment. Every site is different and the requirements vary. For example, a building site would likely require temporary generators that remain on site for the lifetime of the project, where as a hospital may only need to rent a temporary generator over a weekend whilst they take their permanently installed generator offline for testing.

Not sure what generator size you need? Our technical experts can help you. A professional outfit will be able to visit your site and assess your requirements if you are in doubt about the equipment needed to support you in an emergency.

From 30kVA up to 1250kVA we provide the rental of standby or prime power generators and are able to synchronise multiple generators for larger power requirements. The backup power supply may even form just a small part of the overall solution with cable, fuel tanks, AMF panels, distribution panels, security locks and refuelling all available as part of the package at Shenton Group. This is why it is good to speak to the experts to ensure you get the solution you need.

Maintenance of Temporary Power Generators

A rental generator might be required for months on end or even years. Whether its running around the clock providing prime power or in reserve as backup power, it will require maintenance to ensure it remains reliable and works efficiently.

Find a power generator supplier who provides a complete ‘Baby Sitting’ service for your rental generator. For critical sites this option is very appealing. Our engineers are available to be on site throughout the duration of the rental to ensure should anything go wrong, that help is on hand.

Emergency Backup Generator

Do Your Research

If you are responsible for sourcing a temporary electricity supply, then choosing the right company is essential. At Shenton Group, we have been in the industry since the 1980s. Our heritage and expertise stand us out from the crowd, as does our team of dedicated professionals.

Our case studies demonstrate how we have supported our clients and their power needs:

We understand there are lots of factors involved when it comes to choosing the correct temporary power solution, often it is not practical to have a generator on site at all times due to its size or expense, and sometimes a temporary electricity supply is only required for a short amount of time. We spend the time collaborating with clients to find them the perfect power generator solution.

Should you be in the market for a power generator or backup power support, our team will be happy to discuss your requirements and figure out a tailored quote based on your exact requirements. Whether you are hosting a small outdoor event or in need of backup power for a business, we will make sure everything is in place.

Give us a call today and speak to the UK’s leading technical experts. We will be happy to discuss the options right for you.

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