If you’re not already aware of the benefits of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (or UPS Systems), they give the ultimate protection for critical equipment, ensuring your electricity supply experiences zero down-time in the event of any mains power failure.

By providing a power supply for equipment that’s isolated from the mains supply, UPS Systems convert normal AC mains power to DC battery-stored energy. They then convert it back to super-clean and stable AC power to run your equipment. This achieves two things;

makelsan – Firstly, it protects critical equipment from voltage sags, surges and dips that could be caused by either the incoming supply or from existing equipment. Having the critical equipment separated on a dedicated UPS will eliminate this risk.

– Secondly, in the event of a main power failure, the critical equipment will continue to operate on the stored energy within the UPS battery.

logo-riello-elshentongroup is a distributor of two leading UPS brands that we know we can rely on. Makelsan is an established manufacturer of standalone and modular UPS systems ranging from 650VA to 6.4MVA. Part of the Riello Industries Group, Riello Elettronica is a world leader in Uninterruptible Power Supplies. With these quality brands behind us, shentongroup can guarantee clients best-in-industry Uninterruptible Power Supply solutions, supported by technical service and support that is second-to-none. After all, we are the UK’s Leading Technical Experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat & Power Systems.

To learn more about UPS, visit this page and to speak to a member of our technical team, click here!

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