August 2020 sees the world still battling COVID-19; however, things are gradually becoming a new normal in England, children are back to school, and social distancing measures are in place as more and more people return to work.

Shenton Group has continued throughout the pandemic, supporting the critical sectors with reliable power. We have a strong team ethic here at Shenton Group, and there is someone in particular that we would like to thank for their hard work and dedication.

Liaising between teams and keeping the cogs turning, we say congratulations to Farley Suckling for winning colleague of the month! Farley provides administrative support and creates a solid foundation to which a lot of our internal processes rely on. 

Farley’s varied role consists of: 

  • Keeping our engineers on the road! – Booking in vehicles for services/ MOT, 
  • Ordering uniform
  • Ordering food for staff and client visits
  • Processing invoices and checking statement 

Farley fresh from college has only been with the company for just over a year. In that time she has proved to be a very driven, reliable and professional member of the team. She has started to take on more responsibility and has been providing support to our project managers. 

Raising PO’s/ Applications/ Invoice, Ordering Parts, creating manuals, Creating PWP Pack (Project Works Pack), Typing FAT/SAT documents. 

Farley said:

“Every day is enjoyable. I love having a variety of tasks, not knowing what task I will get from day to day makes it interesting and keeps me on my toes!” 

“I work across departments with different people every day; it is a great team of people. I find it interesting to see how people work, and I am always learning new things.”

Colleagues have mentioned that Farley is “always willing to help”, “has a great attitude” and “has been an important link between people working from home and the office during lockdown”.

Thanks once again for all of your hard work Farley. You are a valued member of the team, and what you do is noticed and apricated by all. Please enjoy the bottle of champagne and vouchers as a token of our appreciation. 

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