Now that your routine has changed to you leaving the house as little as possible, it is still important to have a routine. Here are some top tips to get the most out of your day, whether you are working from home or not!

1. Getting dressed changes your mindset

Simple things such as washing and getting dressed will not only improve your state of mind, it will psychologically prepare you to start the day.

Just like changing out of work clothes when you come home, that process starts the mindset of winding down and tells your brain subconsciously that the working day is over. Similarly, getting up in the morning and wearing respectable clothes increases motivation.

Nearly everyone at Shenton group that is office-based is now working from home. Every morning our sales and marketing team have a video call, everyone is wearing a uniform, and we discuss our plans for the day. One – discussing our plans for the day makes us accountable. Two – wearing something smart is such a simple thing to do to set you up for the day mentally. Plus we are still having sales meetings and contact with clients, so it is handy to be looking presentable for those video meetings. 

2. If you are working from home establish boundaries 

If you are able to work from home, it is essential to be strict with the hours you work, keep to the hours you would work in the workplace. This helps to give your day structure and keeps you focused. 

Having a dedicated workspace that keeps distractions to a minimum also helps keep the right mindset. When it comes to your workspace, ideally you would have a properly adjusted desk and chair, similar to your workplace.

3. Get out and exercise (if you’re not self-isolating)

You should try and get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air once a day. It doesn’t help anyone’s mental well being staying cooped up inside all day. 

A different perspective will also help undo mental blocks and give you a fresh pair of eyes for any tasks you’re struggling with. It has also been proven that people who exercise get better sleep.

4. Pick up the phone or video call

If you’re working from home, then chances are you’ll be alone, so you won’t get the usual distractions of colleagues or office noises. Whilst at work, you are more likely to interact with colleagues, whereas when working from home, you might not speak to anyone all day which can be isolating.

Make a conscious effort to check-in with colleagues and friends for a chat. Nowadays, it is quite common for people to hide behind a screen to communicate. Pick up the phone and have a real conversation; the sound of someone’s voice is much more stimulating and can be more productive than numerous emails.

To keep morale up, once a day some of our teams across the company meet on Skype to catch up. It is a great way to keep that team spirit and enthusiasm. Not to mention, most of us are very social and miss the office buzz.

5. Take regular breaks

Research has found that short breaks throughout the day are more beneficial than less frequent, longer breaks. You need to get up and have some time away from your screen to rest your eyes and stretch your legs, just as you would in the workplace. Even if you are not working from home, it is good to switch up what you are doing and move around.

6. Keep hydrated and eat healthily

It is very easy to slip into the trap of eating junk food on the sofa if you can’t go outside. Everyone knows that junk food causes our blood sugar levels to spike and fall, leaving you very sluggish and tired. Try to eat a healthy balanced diet and drink water regularly. It will do wonders for your mood and waistline!

7. Do something positive in your free time

As the majority of our time is now spent in our houses, what tasks could you tick off at home? Everyone has jobs that they have been putting off. Maybe there is handy work around the house to do. Perhaps you have wanted to upskill with an online course but have never had the time. Here is a list of positive things to do at home that seem quite simple, but we often forget the moment some free time occurs. Let’s use this time wisely!

  • Call and re-connect with old relatives 
  • Build a family tree
  • Decorate
  • Sort out the garden
  • grow your own fruit and veg
  • Do an online course – Learn something new!

Maybe you would just like to kick back relax and finally start reading that book you have had on the shelf for years. Take some time for you. Connect with the loved ones that you live with. If you have kids, create fun games and activities to do together as a family. This is the time that we crave for whilst we are at work, so let’s make the most of it! 

All of the things that we have discussed above will help you in creating a new and positive routine as well as help keep your mind and body in check. Initially, it might seem challenging, but if you stick at it, it will soon become your norm.

Good luck, and stay safe. 

From all of us here at Shenton Group.

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