As the popularity of Combined Heat and Power increases year-on-year, specifiers are under increasing pressure to ensure that projects adhere to a high set of standards from start to finish.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 21.26.49In the last quarter of 2015, Chair of the Chartered Institute of Building Services CHP and DHP Groups, Phil Jones, emphasised the need for the development of a code of practice for the broader CHP industry. He expressed that setting minimum (and best practice) standards should provide greater confidence for specifiers and developers. The code could be included in the tendering and contracting process to specify minimum requirements. The adoption of this code could also aid marketers by providing assurance to customers and property purchasers that the heat network scheme has followed a set of design, installation and commissioning standards.

Just before Christmas, the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA), published a guide that specifiers, designers and installers should find valuable. The BSRIA’s new ‘Heat Interface Units Guide’ focuses on the issues surrounding the application and installation of both direct and indirect Heat Interface Units (HUI’s), therefore, proving a valuable resource of standards for those specifying combined heat and power solutions for consumers on district and communal heating schemes.

photo_20700_20110613As the UK’s leading technical experts in standby power, uninterruptible power and combined heat and power systems, shentongroup also provides specifiers with a multitude combined heat and power resources. Case studies, technical blogs, videos, data sheets, brochures, as well as two dedicated combined heat and power whitepapers can all be found at    The whitepaper “When is CHP the right renewable energy choice?” examines the key drivers for CHP specification, whilst “Design and operational considerations to get the best performance from CHP systems” provides specifiers and consultants with technical information and specifications. This second CHP whitepaper also identifies common CHP project mistakes and the key factors in achieving a high-performing and operationally-efficient CHP systems.

In addition to shentongroup’s archive of resources, you are invited to contact a member of our technical team who will be happy to answer any questions you might have surrounding combined heat and power and uninterruptible power supplies.

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