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Having worked on many Lidl projects in the past, Shenton Group were again involved in providing the backup power solution for Lidl’s Peterborough distribution centre. Working with the consultant from the early design stages, we helped develop a cost-effective and resilient solution whilst also limiting the footprint required on site.


Shenton Group designed, manufactured and installed 2 x 1650kVA standby generators, each with a prime rating of 1500kVA. For this project, we utilised the combination of Perkins engines, Mecc Alte alternators and ComAp controllers. The generators were installed into bespoke acoustic containers to achieve a noise rating of 75 dB(A) @ 1 meter with both units running. They were linked together with a third container that included the related switchgear. The two generators were then connected via double-skinned pipework to a 39,000-litre bulk fuel tank to enable 60 hours of run time in the event of an emergency. 

To allow the bulk fuel tank to be filled more efficiently, we supplied and installed a fuel fill point cabinet. Due to the generators being required to synchronise with the mains for a no-break mains return, Shenton Group oversaw all elements of the G99 application process and testing and wrote all the necessary software in-house for the associated controls. 

Once the installation was complete, our project manager organised for the bulk fuel tank to be filled, and the initial testing phase began. Testing consisted of Site Acceptance Testing and commissioning and then led on to client familiarisation training. The complete installation was signed off, leaving Lidl feeling confident in the solution we had provided. 

Roy Taylor – Key Account Manager (Generator & UPS) explains the installation in more detail:

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