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Client: Kingsland Wharves

Location: East London

Products & Services supplied: CHP maintenance contracts

Set within a historical conservation area, Imtech Aqua Building’s Kingsland Wharves housing development consists of 207 dwellings, split 58 dwellings in two blocks and 149 in 7 blocks.  Shenton Group won a contract to provide a combined heat and power solution to the development comprising the newly launched Tedom Centro 100, as well as a Tedom Micro T30 CHP system, along with a CHP maintenance contract to ensure that residents enjoy continuous, trouble-free supply of their cheaper, greener power supplies.

The Kingsland Wharves development of new apartment buildings are located around the historic Kingsland canal basin on the Regent’s Canal in East London. The area is a conservation zone and has been sympathetically developed to include the restoration of heritage warehouses for commercial, retail and housing use.

A joint development with the local Council, a housing association and property developers, the scheme has been developed to comply with environmental requirements including BREEAM, the World’s leading sustainability assessment method for masterplanning projects, infrastructure and buildings, as well as local building efficiency codes.  Therefore, a combined heat and power solution was required.

Two Tedom CHP systems will supply heat and electricity to the development’s 207 dwellings.  With 58 dwellings in two blocks and 149 in 7 other blocks, a Tedom Centro T100 will be installed in a purpose-built underground plant room and will also serve a surgery at the base of one block, an artist’s studio and several commercial units located across the project.

The new Tedom Centro T100 series, marketed by Shenton Group under its Powertherm label, are natural gas-powered CHP units, producing a maximum electrical output of 101Kw, 400V three-phase, 50Hz at 1500rpm.  They have a maximum hot water output of 147Kw and a standard water off temperature of 90C.

A smaller Tedom Micro T30 natural gas-powered unit was also selected which produces a maximum electricity output of 30Kw, 400V three-phase, 0.78 power factor, 50Hz at 1500rpm and has a maximum hot water output of 62Kw and standard water off temperature of 90C.

Geoff Robinson, Contracts Manager at Imtech Aqua Services said: “As the project was novated to give Imtech Aqua Services design responsibility, we had to ensure we had a CHP system that would fully meet the client’s requirements.”  He added; “Service before, during and at commissioning stages was therefore very important. Shenton Group has provided us with support and service through all stages of the project, attending meetings alongside us so that all parties were fully aware of what was required to ensure the successful completion of the project.”

“We were restricted with plant noise levels due to the fact that the development is residential and there are neighbouring housing developments which had to be met as part of the planning approvals”, added Geoff Robinson.  “Shenton Group helped us to achieve noise levels that were substantially lower than those specified”, he concluded.

To guarantee Kingsland Wharves enjoys continuous combined heat and power supplies, Imtech Aqua Buildings opted for an Infinium24 CHP maintenance contract, Shenton Group’s remote monitoring technology running 24 hours per day.  Infinium24 programme is a scientifically designed and monitored “perpetual renewal protocol” that constantly renovates and re-engineers components before their projected replacement date. Charged at a fixed hourly rate, Infinium24 covers all parts, labour, travel, fuel and engineers’ expenses.

Kingsland Wharves now enjoys continuous power supplies from its two Tedom CHP systems.  The systems operates quietly in a built-up, residential area, meeting local planning approvals.

The two CHP systems provide Kingsland Wharves with, not only cheaper energy, but with a lower carbon footprint that satisfies BREEAM, thanks to the combined heat and power units running on greener natural gas and utilising the heat generated from the units for hot water and heating.

Kingsland Wharves residents can also rely on their units providing uninterruptible heat and power 24hours a day, 364 days a year, thanks to the Tedom CHP units running under Shenton Group’s Infinium24 maintenance programme.

About Imtech
Imtech is a large, independently owned and managed technical services provider which delivers for clients across the UK and Ireland.  The company specialises in mechanical and electrical engineering, technical facilities management, automation control and real-time IT solutions.

About Shenton Group
With the flexibility to support both inside and outside applications, Shenton group is able to supply a range of CHP systems. CHP enables you to recover waste heat to provide heating, hot water and even air conditioning. This reduces overall energy consumption and enables both commercial and industrial customers to offset gas and electricity consumption. Boasting low exhaust emissions ensures that our CHPs comply with UK regulations.

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