As the Royal Mail continue to invest in their infrastructure, Shenton Group were once again called upon to offer a resilient standby power solution to support one of their distribution centres. The project was progressing under tight deadlines, and a well-respected M&E contractor contracted Shenton Group to design, supply and install the generator package in record time. 


Due to the tight programme, we looked at the availability of all engine brands that could achieve the required 2200kVA output and opted for Perkins. Once the engine was delivered, we commenced manufacturing, integrating with a Mecc Alte alternator and installed the Deep Sea Electronics control system. 

Even though the generator was installed at one of Royal Mail’s distribution centres and not near any residential areas, we still needed to achieve a noise rating of 80 dB(A) @ 1 meter. So we housed the generator, the generator output breaker panel and an 8-hour day tank in a bespoke acoustic container to meet this requirement. To ensure the generator could run for 24 hours in the event of a mains power outage, the generator day tank was connected to a 9000-litre bulk tank via a double skinned fuel transfer system. 

As part of the specification, the generator was required to synchronise with the mains to offer a ‘no-break mains return’. Shenton Group designed and programmed the control system to enable this whilst also liaising closely with those manufacturing the LV switchgear panels to ensure all elements of the integration had been considered. 

Once we had delivered and installed the generator, acoustic container, bulk fuel tank, and fuel transfer system, we entered into final testing and commissioning. Having already carried out a Factory Acceptance Test, the client requested complete Site Acceptance Testing as well as final commissioning demonstrating the step load and synchronisation capabilities of the complete solution. This project was another true example of Shenton Group’s design, integration, and commissioning capabilities, all overseen by one of our experienced project managers.

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