When one of the nation’s favourite leisure brand was looking to revamp its 20-year-old facility in Bognor, they set out with a goal of producing a state of the art facility with a family-friendly ethos. The upgraded facility would incorporate a series of splash pools, water slides and a wave pool, with the new pool having a capacity of just under 1000 people at any one time. To accommodate this expansion, the redevelopment also included new changing facilities as well as a large café area and other amenities.

Having worked on this site a number of times before, Keir was awarded the £40 million contract to deliver the upgrade works in line with the construction programme that was planned to be completed within 108 weeks. Once Kier had awarded the Mechanical and Electrical package to the successful contractor, Shenton Group were contacted to assist with the CHP design.


Due to the hot water demand of the new facility, this was a perfect application for Combined Heat and Power (CHP), and Shenton Group assisted with desktop studies and feasibilities to determine the necessary CHP size. Originally, the scheme had been designed around two larger CHP units, but due to restricted space within the plant room and limited access to cooling air, the solution was redesigned around four T50 (50kWe) units. Due to the Shenton Group Micro CHP units having a smaller footprint than the proposed larger units, and their ability to operate with no extra ventilation ductwork, the CHPs could be installed within the proposed plant room footprint. The four CHP units could synchronise together and modulate up and down in accordance with the sites heat and electricity demand, ensuring maximum run time.

As part of the project delivery, Shenton Group appointed a dedicated project manager who took control of the G99 application process, delivery of the units to site as well as liaising with the M & E subcontractors right through to final testing and commissioning. The CHP units are now supported by a Shenton Group maintenance and monitoring contract to ensure maximum uptime and savings for the client.

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