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+44 (0) 344 888 444 5

Client: REQ Investments Managed by Hartree Energy Services
Location: Swindon

Products/ Services:

  • Removal of existing equipment
  • Supply 200kWe CHP
  • Design and build
  • Delivery, off-loading and positioning
  • G99 relay
  • G99 application process and witness testing
  • System commissioning
  • CHP maintenance contracts


The hotel had a legacy 160kWe CHP unit no longer in working condition due to a fire. The hotel took this opportunity to review their requirements and get a new solution in place to support their needs, along with a more transparent maintenance package with a new supplier.


DoubleTree CHP

After engaging with Hartree Energy services, it was agreed to place the CHP on a ‘behind-the-meter’ energy cooperation contract. This allowed Hartree to use the asset to trade in the wholesale energy market, and this significantly increased the revenue for the client. 

We removed the existing CHP unit, including all the installed pipework and electrical infrastructure. This was carefully scheduled by the Shenton Group Project Manager in a way that minimsed disruption and downtime to the hotel.

We then installed a new 200kWe containerised CHP unit and delivered a full design and build package. We removed an existing obsolete boiler, installing a custom-manufactured heat recovery skid, and a bespoke heat recovery interface control unit, which was designed in-house. We then carried out the full electrical installation package, including the replacement of the client’s LV supply breaker and metering system.

Finally, we carried out site integration testing enabling full integration with Hartree Energy services’s control system and ensuring the complete installation was commissioned correctly.


Tedom T200 (200kWe) containerised package, with turnkey installation and agile service package. This CHP solution can be remotely switched by Hartree into three operating modes: 

  • Heat led
  • Electrically led
  • Site electrical demand 

All of these operating modes are remotely managed by Haretree’s appointed power management company for DoubleTree and Shenton Group. The remote power management system allows the client to change the operating mode to best suit the situation in the energy market, further enhancing investment return.

This solution provides heating to both LTHW and DHW systems, taking care of the baseload heat requirements for both space heating and hot water.

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