Client: EuroSite Power
Sector: Hospitality, Leisure, Events.
Location: Newport, Wales
Products and Services Supplied: 4 CHPs 


Celtic Manor offers five-star luxury to boutique breaks, secluded lodges, as well as family-friendly hotels and golf breaks. The resort has amenities such as a spa, pool, golf course and a Health Club. In addition the resort hosts the International Convention Centre Wales (ICCW), a joint venture with the Welsh Government. The resort needed to look at ways to reduce their energy costs. 

Celtic Manor Resort

Project Overview/ Solution

EuroSite Power has the direct relationship with the end-user client and did the design and selection of these units. Shenton Group supported EuroSite Power with advice and assistance during the installation at Celtic Manor, as well as supplying 4 CHP units:

  • Resort: 2 No. Tedom Cento T200 CHP
  • Golf Club House: 1 No. Tedom Cento T120 CHPInternational Convention
  • Centre Wales: 1 No. Tedom Cento T100 CHP

The 2 units in the hotel were a very challenging installation, where the means of access to the final plant room location was very difficult. Secondly, the end client is fastidious about the appearance and general ‘ambience’ of the estate, so there was a requirement for a very bespoke exhaust gas flue discharge. EuroSite Power’s solution directed the flue to penetrate the wall of the plant room, and then turned underground, where it crosses a road, passes underneath a landscaped area, and finally rises inside a copse where it’s less likely to be seen.

CHP installation

Paul Hamblyn​, Managing  Director – EuroSite Power

“Celtic Manor is a key client for EuroSite Power and so equipment performance and reliability is a priority. The TEDOM product, supported by Shenton Group was an ideal choice and has delivered consistent results both for us and our customer.”

Russell Phillips – VP Facilities and Development Celtic Manor

“The EuroSite Power solution has provided us with immediate cost and carbon emission savings over and above what was initially projected. We are delighted our partnership will continue to reduce our carbon footprint and allow us to continue to provide the best value to our customers for the next 15 years.” 

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