The healthcare sector relies heavily on reliable continuous power supplies, especially as lives often depend on it. A major UK private hospital group required a standby generator for their latest mobile hospital unit and approached Shenton Group to implement the solution.

Working to a tight schedule and budget, Shenton Group provided the mobile hospital with a 275kVA standby generator, diesel tanks and dual-feed automatic mains failure (AMF) panel.


As is the case with all medical sites, continuous power is not just an option, but a non-negotiable necessity. Medical services need to be delivered in a timely, consistent and definite manner. As brown-outs and black-outs become an increasingly probably scenario to consider, due to the lowest national grid reserve power supplies in recent years, organisations whose services rely on uninterruptible power supplies must have reliable backup power solutions in place.

The large hospital group was planning installing their new mobile hospital unit within a suite at Harold Wood Hospital in Romford, Essex. Because Shenton Group had built a strong, ongoing relationship with the organisation over many years, they were asked to undertake the delivery, installation and commissioning of their new 275kVA standby generator.


Shenton Group’s Sales and Marketing Director, Curtis Meek, outlined his company’s approach to the project; “As is the case with all projects that Shenton Group engages in, detailed planning and co-ordination of a project of this nature is critical. We focussed to ensure a smooth implementation and to avoid any disruption to the day-to-day running of the main hospital”.

The Shenton Group Projects Department undertook a thorough site survey covering access, crane lifting, security, installation, cabling, fuel management and final commissioning.

Curtis Meek added; “Following the site survey, Shenton Group’s Projects Department compiled a detailed programme of work with the customer and hospital management which included the design, supply and fitting of a duel feed automatic mains failure (AMF) panel, diesel tanks, together with additional electrical distribution panels, providing the mobile hospital with a truly uninterruptible power supply solution”.

All of the work was undertaken outside of normal working hours, within a very tight timescale and budget. Both being comfortably met.


The entire project was completed on time and to the complete satisfaction of the customer and the hospital.

The group’s Director of Planning and Development praised Shenton Group; “Shenton Group has provided us with exceptional service. Our relationship with Shenton Group is so strong that they even advised us on providing power systems for our mobile units for rural communities in New South Wales, Australia”.

The new hospital unit not only enjoys backup power supplies from a reliable, expertly installed and commissioned backup generator, but has the assurance that, should mains power fail, there will be no break in switchover to backup power supplies, thanks to Shenton Group’s dual-feed automatic mains failure (AMF) panel.

About Shenton Group

Shenton Group is the UK’s leading technical expert in standby power, uninterruptible power supplies, and combined heat and power supplies. The company provides power solutions to organisations spanning a broad array of industries that rely on continuous power supplies and includes; finance, telecoms, manufacturing, retail, education, government, utilities, sport and leisure, and of course, healthcare.

Shenton Group Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Panels, also referred to as Automatic Transfer (ATS) Boards, monitor the incoming AC mains supply and activate the standby generator when mains power fails. When the mains supply returns, the AMF Panel controls a return to the mains supply and shifts down the generator after a suitable cooling run.

Shenton Group provides a range of DEFRA-approved bulk fuel tanks, including plastic fuel tanks and double-skinned steel fuel tanks. Polyethylene bulk fuel tanks are maintenance-free, fully-bunded and are OFTEC and DEFRA certified. They are available in capacities ranging from 1220 litres to 5000 litres. Shenton Group’s steel bulk fuel tanks are purpose built and double-skinned. They are manufactured to BS799 part 5 and comply to both statutory pollution prevention PPG2 and DEFRA regulations.

Since March 2002, the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) regulations 2001 means that all commercial storage facilities in excess of 200 litres must feature a second containment, capable of holding at least 110% of maximum tank capacity. Shenton Group offers fully DEFRA-compliant increased capacity, fully bunded, integral base fuel tanks to give extended duration runtime for all of our generators

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