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On a routine service visit to Hampshire Ambulance Service in Winchester, a shentongroup engineer identified a critical problem with the generator panel mains contactor.  Within two and a half hours, a replacement part was sourced and a temporary generator was sent to Winchester whilst repairs were swiftly and efficiently undertaken.

Ambulance services, like all emergency services, rely on continuous power supplies.  With circa 1,600,000 Hampshire residents depending on Hampshire Ambulance Service’s emergency service, time is of the essence when it comes to rectifying any faults identified with their continuous power supplies.

During a scheduled routine service visit to the existing generator, the shentongroup engineer discovered that the generator control panel mains contactor was critically overheating and needed immediate replacement to prevent, not only a potential fire, but to ensure the generator continued to operate in the event of an emergency.

The shentongroup engineer wasted no time and telephoned shentongroup headquarters in Andover.  He arranged for a temporary generator to be sent to the Winchester Communications Centre so that the repairs to the faulty systems could be carried out as soon as possible.

The call was made at 3:30pm and by 6:00pm shentongroup had sourced the spare parts and had a temporary generator, complete with connecting cables delivered to site.

shentongroup Sales and Marketing Director, Curtis Meek, explained the process: “Because the power to the building had to be disconnected in order to carry out the repairs, in consultation with the Ambulance Service Management, it was decided that this would be done at the quietest time, being approximately 3:30am.”

The shentongroup engineer stayed at the site until the power could be switched off.  He then disconnected the mains power and UPS and connected the cables of the temporary generator. He then undertook the replacement of the faulty contactor, tested the generator, carried out the service and ensured the complete standby power system was back on-line by 7:00am.

Hampshire Ambulance Service experienced no significant break in their continuous power supplies.  The shentongroup engineer orchestrated the swift replacement of faulty parts through a fluid temporary interchange of a shentongroup temporary generator.

Hampshire Ambulance Service continues to enjoy reliable continuous power with the assurance that shentongroup is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to rapidly respond to any concerns or issues relating to it’s standby generators and uninterruptible power supply.

Speaking on his experience with shentongroup’s management of the repair, Dave Watts, Deputy Director of Patient Services said: ‘“The standby power system which comprises of a generator and UPS is critical to Hampshire Ambulance Service to ensure we have contingency power and are able to operate in case of mains power failure”.  He added:  “shentongroup were extremely efficient in getting the problem sorted.  I was most impressed with the service and dedication”.

About shentongroup
shentongroup is the UK’s leading technical expert in standby power, uninterruptible power supplies, and combined heat and power supplies. The company provides power solutions to organisations spanning a broad array of industries that rely on continuous power supplies, including; finance, telecoms, manufacturing, retail, education, government, utilities, residential, sport and leisure, and of course, healthcare.

shentongroup standby generators include single and three phase standby power generator systems, ranging from 10kVA to 3.2MVA.  All are British built to the highest safety standards and are suitable for both prime power and standby power supply purposes.  They come with a full range of weatherproof canopies to meet sound attenuation levels; proven industry-leading control systems and switchgear hardware; integral bunded base-frame fuel tanks and fuel management systems; containerised modular solutions; custom built drop-over acoustic canopies; skid-mounted ‘open’ sets for specific applications.

shentongroup uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems are your bridge between mains power and your backup generators. AMF panels react to power failure and activate your generators, without which there would be a number of seconds before the generator starts and takes the full electrical load.  UPS systems provide a quality power supply, they provide independent management and they greatly enhance reliability of the power supply network.  shentongroup‘s extensive range of high-efficiency UPS solutions are used in conjunction with most standby generator backup power applications.

To find out more about standby power options, contact the shentongroup technical team on 0844 888 444 5 or request a site survey here.

About Hampshire Ambulance Service
Situated in Winchester, Hampshire Ambulance Service provides an emergency ambulance service to over 1,600,000 residents of Hampshire.

The organisation’s main Communications Centre in Winchester last year received approx 150,000 emergency calls and 20,000 urgent requests for transport, in addition to mobilising 5,000 Community Responder calls.

Download this case study in pdf format here.

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