I have been asked to supply a letter of recommendation for shentongroup, and although this is something I rarely do, in this instance I am very happy to comply with the request.

As the facilities manager responsible for flight simulation & training facilities on 12 RAF stations across the UK, all of which were handed over from the RAF to Thales in a very poor state of repair, I have need of a competent and reliable contractor to assist me in bringing these up to an acceptable level of condition to support the Thales training needs.

After using many local contractors with varying levels of success, I discovered shentongroup who not only have been able to design and implement cost effective and reliable solutions to our M & E refurbishment and maintenance programme, but have done so without burdening me with unnecessary project management input. It is not often that I have found a supplier who although proposing a ‘turn key’ solution, actually delivers one. Of the many successful projects that shentongroup have undertaken for me, 3 stand out as particularly successful:-

  1. A disaster recovery operation following the failure of a chilled water system at RAF Coltishall.
  2. The design and installation of a large UPS for our critical computer supplies at RAF Lossiemouth
  3. The replacement of a failed 150 kW process chiller, also at RAF Lossiemouth

All of the these projects had the potential, if not managed correctly, to cause us a significant loss of revenue from the training service. shentongroup, by using innovative installation techniques and by keeping very close liaison with the Thales Training Management on each site, and MOD personnel, managed to clear these projects with a minimum loss of training time – and in fact, on the latter 2, with zero loss.

On completion, shentongroup carried out a formal handover and issued very comprehensive ‘as built’ documentation, both in hard and soft format. It is my experience that on these types of project, adequate documentation is something that normally has to be chased very hard.

In conclusion, I would have no hesitation in recommending shentongroup for all FM, and M & E works and would be only too happy to discuss in more detail by phone if required.

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