Client: EuroSite Power
Sector: Government Institution / Public Sector
Location: Weymouth
Products and Services Supplied: CHP 


CEFAS are the government’s marine and freshwater science experts. This is a world-class scientific institution, with UK bases in Weymouth and Lowestoft, and a number of large sea-going research vessels. Like most government institutions the site had a requirement to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions. 


Project Overview

Faced with ever-increasing energy costs, and a need to address carbon emission reduction, Breathe Energy contracted our client EuroSite Power to provide a turnkey solution to meet this need. EuroSite Power once again reached out to Shenton Group to provide technical assistance and expertise. 


Shenton Group worked with EuroSite Power’s design team providing design assistance and solutions to enable a complex installation to be carried out with the least possible disruption to the CEFAS site. 

EuroSite Power opted for a 200 kWe Tedom CHP unit. Extensive project support was also undertaken by Shenton Group during install and commissioning.

The CHP was bought by CEFAS as a turnkey solution and is subject to an annual maintenance agreement.


“Shenton Group have been a trusted partner since 2012. Their knowledge of the TEDOM product proved invaluable when commissioning this complex project, so helping us to achieve the objectives set by our client.”

Paul Hamblyn – Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of EuroSite Power.

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